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Hello thanks for stopping by. Please check out our website to try a free lesson or to learn more about what we do. Dino Lingo is the #1 effective language learning programs for kids. Select the language you want your child to speak and enjoy the ride.

At Dino Lingo we believe every child in the world should be able to learn another language & culture if they wish.

What is Dino Lingo – Dino Lingo language learning programs include DVDs, books, song CDs, flashcards, and online language learning games and lessons for kids. Dino Lingo has one of the largest selections of languages available; over 40 languages to choose from!

Dino Lingo cares - For each Dino Lingo language learning set that is purchased through our website, we will donate a set of flashcards or a DVD to a worthy organization. The goal of this program is to promote the education and well-being of children all over the world. Simple tools such as DVDs and flashcards can make a world of difference in a child’s education. When these materials are made available to programs run by advocacy groups and caring individuals they can be utilized as a powerful force for change, and create opportunities for a brighter future.

Language Teaching tips for children


It’s extremely important that kids have motivation to learn a new language. How to increase their motivation is not as difficult as you might think. You can simply do the following;


Offer your child rewards for learning extra words or phrases. (e.g. a trip to a restaurant, or his/her favorite place to go, such as zoo, museum, playground or an amusement park)


Especially for small children, surprises are proven to increase motivation. When you play surprise games, your child will be empowered to maintain contact with ‘the world’. For example, turn their favorite cuddly toy into puppet that speaks in the new language.

Fun & games

Playing games like hide and seek by counting in the new language, flash card games, online memory or matching games, puzzles, board games using the new language words will do the trick.

Keep it short and simple

Both adults and children alike will automatically lose interest if tasks are too difficult. So, keep it simple and easy. Play with a few easy words to build their confidence and they will develop a curiosity for the other new words in time. Monitor their level of interest as you go along.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect. Practicing the new words they have heard as they get along with their daily activities is easy, fun and an empowering way to build on their new language skills.

Flash cards & posters

Flash cards are easy, clear and very effective. Similar to Dino Lingo motion images, flash cards work by creating object-sign associations in your child’s brain after a short period of exposure. You can also play all sorts of learning games with flash cards and posters, such as “find the image” or “show me …. ” or “what is this?” etc…

Cartoons & motion images

Children love watching cartoons. In Dino Lingo programs while our animations are capturing your child’s imagination, he/she will learn new words and phrases.


If your child already knows some words and phrases in the new language, we suggest you purchase age appropriate storybooks to read along with them. If he/she doesn’t know any words, you can still read their favorite storybooks by replacing the words in the new target language.

Music & songs

Music is universal and there are many age appropriate CD’s available online geared toward child audiences. Turn your car into a mini music studio by playing children’s CD’s and play background music in your home that facilitates your child’s learning and development. Studies have shown that even background music can increase children’s vocabulary.

Talking with native speakers

One of the best ways of practicing a new language is giving your child opportunities to interact with native speakers. A fun family activity is to visit a place where the target language maybe spoken such as a restaurant, a supermarket or a cultural center, etc.

Test & quiz

Speak to your child in the new language and/or learn along with them as a student. Ask them questions in the new language like “what is this ? ” and point to the object. Kids also love to draw pictures, so plan an art class with them by asking them to draw the objects you are saying to them in the target language. Always remember to reward your child for doing their best.


The Science behind Dino Lingo Method:

1 – Full Immersion
All of the instructions in Dino Lingo are presented in target language. The children naturally learn foreign languages from Dino Lingo videos because they hear common phrases and vocabulary hundreds of times without any interruption.

2 – Contextual Variation
Each word in Dino Lingo programs is presented in at least 4 different contexts. Additionally, unlike other programs, Dino Lingo repeats words intermittently, not consecutively.

3 – High-Pitched Female or children Voices
Scientific studies show that babies and small children prefer female and high-pitched voices, thus we used only these type of voices in our videos.

4 – Vocabulary Songs
Each Dino Lingo program contains specially produced vocabulary songs that are loved by small children.

5 – Dinosaurs
Dino Lingo features 6 adorable and colorful dinosaurs to make target languages more likeable.

6 – Gradual Interval Recall
All words in Dino Lingo are presented in different intervals (E.g. the word car being presented in the 5th minute, 10th minute, and 60th minute).

7 – Optimum Combination of 3D/2D Animation
Recent studies have shown that children prefer to watch animations over real-life footage. 80% of Dino Lingo videos are either 3d or 2d animations.

8 – Native Speakers
All of the phrases in Dino Lingo are voiced by native speakers only, necessary for the children who are sensitive to detect subtle changes in accents.

9 – Neonate Characters
Dino Lingo uses animated characters that have baby-like faces. There are no monstrous, scary or wild characters in Dino Lingo products.

10 – Animism
Research shows that small children tend to believe all objects are alive (e.g. talking and dancing cars). Dino Lingo features many lively objects that capture the children’s attention.

11 – Subtitles in Both Foreign Characters and English Alphabet
At Dino Lingo, we know that most parents want to be able to read the captions in both the local characters of target language as well as the English (Latin) alphabet.

12 – Sudden Surprises
To capture the little ones’ attention, Dino Lingo uses some scientific techniques such as sudden appearance and disappearances, sudden pans, zoom-ins and unfamiliar sounds.


After watching Dino Lingo videos several times, most babies and small children can easily name everyday objects and understand basic phrases such as “hello”, “how are you”, “good”, “what’s this?” in target language. Dino Lingo is ideal to foster toddler’s cognitive development. Dino Lingo is available for kids in all ages and the program can be effective for ages up to 8.

Dino Lingo is developed, produced, and distrubuted by Dino Lingo Inc. which is located in Fort Myers, Florida, USA.

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