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Among the most famous French legends we would like to remember those ones linked to a beautiful place situated in the Northern part of the country: Mont San Michel. This cliff over the Atlantic sea host a beautiful church dedicated to San Michel Angel. The difference between low and high tide in this region is, so strong that every 6 hours the church gets completely isolated from the coast. So the place can be reached from the mainland only when the tide is low. A very unusual place were to build a church, but the legend say that, during the middle age, a pregnant woman was taking advantage of the low tide for picking mussel from the beach. Suddenly she entered in labour. Incapable to move, she begins to pray St. Michel Angel for help.

The water was rising up but the Angel answered her pray and she and the baby were saved. To remember this event a little altar was build in the place where the miracle took place and many year later the bishop of Avranches financed the construction of the church that we can still visit today. However this decision was not a spontaneous one since the Angel appeared twice to the bishop in his dreams asking him to make a new church. However, only when the Angel give him some tangible and terrible sign of his power the bishop agreed on collecting the money necessary for the works.

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