Popular Korean Fairy Tales and Folktales: Short Stories for Kids in Korea (Video)

Korean Short Story I: Small nose and huge mouth  코작은 할아버지와 입 큰 할머니

Once upon a time, there was an old couple who have problems with their appearance. The man has got a small nose, woman has got a huge mouth. Someday, their neighbor invited them to have dinner. They really wanted to go and have a good time with neighbors but they were nervous what they show their face. they got good idea. He made fake nose by candle, she sewed her mouth.  in the party, they talked near the stove. Then his nose began to melt. His wife laughed to see him and her mouth became huge. they were nervous and put they heads down. The neighbor said appearance is not important, we like you because you are so kind. Since then they didn’t care so much about their face and lived happily after.



Korean Short Story II:  Three years hill.  삼년고개

Once upon a time, there was a hill called 3 years hill in a small village. According to traditions, if someone fall down on this hill can live only 3 years. That’s why the hill is called 3 years hill. One day, when an old man was going up the hill, suddenly a rabbit has passed by him. He was suprised then
unfortunately he has fell down. And he got sick because he worried too much about it. While he is sick, a little boy came to him and tell him. You don’t worry too much, because if you fall down on the hill, you can live 3 years but if you fall down 2 times, you can live 6 years. so the old man went to the hill and tried to fall down all day. Since then, he got cured and lived happily after.



Korean Short Story III: Heungboo and Nolbu 흥부와 놀부 

Long ago, there were two brothers, Nolbu and Heungbu.Nolbu, the older brother, was rich and greedy. Heungbu, the younger brother, was poor but generous.
One day, Heungbu found a sparrow with a broken leg. He took care of the bird. The bird got better and flew away.The next spring, the sparrow brought a gourd seed to Heungbu. When the gourd grew, Heungbu cut it open.Many pieces of gold fell out, and he became rich. When Nolbu heard the story, he found a sparrow and broke its leg.The bird got better and brought a seed to Nolbu.But no gold was in the gourd. Water flowed out and covered his house.Now, he was the poor man.But the good Heungbu shared his gold with his brother.

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Other Korean folktales for kids

Korean Short Story IV: Magic Fan 요술부채


Korean Short Story V: Frogs do not think 개구리 올챙이적 생각을 못한다


Korean Short Story VI: Giant Pot 솥 안에 든 거인

Korean Short Story VII: Red Flower 백일홍


Korean Short Story VIII: Bari 바리공주

Korean Short Story IX: Dogs and Cats 개와 고양이


Korean Short Story X: Bugaboo and Hazelnuts 도깨비와 개암


Korean Short Story XI: Ungrateful Tiger 호랑이와 곶감


Korean Short Story XII: Moon Rabbit 토끼와 자라


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  1. i like it. It’s full of value.

  2. wow i love this website i’m a korean teenage girl with blonde hair and green eyes because my dad is english. but i knoe so much now

  3. my grandma before she died of spinocerebellar degeneration
    she used read me these stories

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