French Children’s Songs: Ah les crocodiles, Il court, il court, le furet, …

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French Childrens songs. Famous children’s songs in French

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Gentil coquelicot – French Children’s Songs

Frère Jacques – French Children’s Songs

Dansons la capucine – French Children’s Songs

Au clair de la lune – French Children’s Songs

Ainsi font – French Children’s Songs

À la claire fontaine – French Children’s Songs

Une poule sur un mur – French Children’s Songs

Mon petit oiseau – French Children’s Songs

Il était une bergère – French Children’s Songs

Il court le furet – French Children’s Songs

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5 thoughts on “French Children’s Songs: Ah les crocodiles, Il court, il court, le furet, …

  1. Hi !
    I find your website really useful and there are plenty of good advices and good children videos.
    But I wanted to warn you because La Rirette isn’t a child song but a “paillarde” song which means that its lyrics content sexual texts or insinuations.
    This song had been written long time ago for the amusement of rich people and we actually use it nowadays for villages parties or “ferias” (spanish and south french festivals).
    Maybe you should remove it from your article !

    A french student.

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