Today is the 17th Anniversary of the Kobe Earthquake (Great Awaji Hanshin Earthquake in Japan)

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About 17 years ago today (January 17th) 7.3 magnitude earthquake shook the most part of Kobe City claiming more than 6400 lives. The earthquake was the costliest (actually last year’s Tohoku earthquake costed more) up until the date as the reconstruction efforts exceeded 100 billion dollars and the port of Kobe which was the 2nd most busiest port in Japan was almost shut down forever. The  Japanese government declared the 17th of January as the National Disaster Prevention Day and Volunteerism Day to promote the spirit of helping others when disasters stike in Japan.  Additionally,  every year the local government holds the illumination ceremony for the memory of victims of the earthquake. You can watch a great NG coverage of the Kobe earthquake and also check out the video footage of Luminarie taken in 2011 below:



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