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23 thoughts on “Dino Lingo 20% Coupon Promo code

  1. I checked dinolingo today to see if the Latin program had come out yet… alas… Since I signed up to get the notification for when Latin comes out during the Mother’s Day Sale (this is my second time–signed up the first time a few months ago:) , is there any chance that you would include the color picture dictionary as well when it comes out? :) I can’t wait for the Latin program to come out! Thanks :)

  2. I am so excited to see that you are going to release a SLOVAK DVD set. Haven’t found any others for kids, and can’t wait for my 2 & 5 yr. olds to learn the language of my grandparents & my husband’s parents. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!

  3. Please notify me when the Hungarian language is released. I can’t wait to get started. I speak Hungarian but need the tools to pass it on to my children.

  4. hiya! im just writing to say i saw a post about you on twitter, so i came to check it out. i am presenty teaching my son french, spanish, italian, and will do some hawaiian when school starts for hawaiian week. i want to get all your programs!

  5. I’m interested in the Arabic program, however it’s not part of the drop down menu. All I see on your website is one DVD…..I’m assuming a more comprehensive program is in the works? Please confirm. We’re really anxious to purchase this language program (as well as the tagalog program, which I already signed up for). Thanks!

    • Dear Mama to a little “Filip-tian”, thanks for your message, at the moment we only have one Arabic DVD available for young ones, its called Introduction to Arabic, greetings and animals. We plan to release our full Arabic program in the future as well, but there is no certain date for that, most likely in November, December this year. On the other hand our Tagalog is coming out very soon, in a few weeks. Please keep in touch – we announce all new releases via facebook, best – Dino Lingo team

  6. Hi, I’m trying to purchase the European Portuguese package… but the only thing I can do is sign up for the 10% off, which I did over a week ago, but I have not received any email. I don’t know what to do…

  7. I cannot wait to receive this program. My boys grandparents are coming from Portugal for the summer and they do not speak english. It would be wonderful if they could communicate with them and I know they will be happy to talk to their grandchildren.

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