False Friends

What an unbelievable coincidence!

Not only do Poland and Indonesia have exactly the opposite meaning for this word, their flags are opposites as well!

Words in different languages that look or sound similar but differ significantly in meaning are called “false friends.” Words like these can lead to miscommunications with speakers of other languages that are weird, confusing, and hilarious.

The Spanish word embarazada is another good example of a false friend.  Embarazada sounds very close to the English word embarrassed, but actually means pregnant. Many Spanish students will come across this “friend” at some point. Even professionals can miss it sometimes-  this mistake was made by a pen company whose Spanish advertisements for ballpoint pens translated to: “It won’t leak in your pocket and make you pregnant.”

German and English in particular have a ton of language frienemies to watch out for.

Several English words with very different German meanings:

bald – soon

herb – bitter, harsh;

fast- almost

Mist – dung

Gift – poison

“SpongeBob May Be Too Speedy For Preschool Brains” – NPR

“Parents may dote on the tragicomic adventures of SpongeBob SquarePants, but researchers say that that the cartoon’s fast-based scenes may make it harder for young children to pay attention and think.

“I would not encourage parents of a 4-year-old boy to have him watch SpongeBob right before he goes in for his kindergarten readiness assessment,” Dimitri Christakis told Shots. He’s a child development specialist at Seattle Children’s Hospital who wrote a commentary on the new study, which was just published in the journal Pediatrics.”


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Skills for the Future Jobs, Careers for the Kids

At Dino Lingo, we really care about what today’s children should study in order to achieve their full potential in the future. Many parents fail to realize emerging trends and lead their children to obsolete careers. According to a study conducted by the Institute for the Future for the University of Phoenix Research Institute, the children need to improve their cross-cultural competence and social intelligence to meet the expectations of the future jobs.

Here are the 10 most important future skills that will be required by employers
1- Sense-making
2-Social Intelligence
3-Novel-adaptive thinking
4-Cross-cultural competency
5-Computational thinking
6-New media literacy
7-Ability to understand concepts from different disciplines
8-Design mindset
9- Cognitive and load management
10- Virtual collaboration


Are Girls Better than Boys in Language Learning?


It’s because Wernicke &Broca areas of the brains of girls develop faster in girls.

The area that connects right brain and left brain is larger in girls brains

Girls outperform boys in language  skills; boys are better in mathematics and analytical thinking (since boys are better in  using the left side of the brain)

Girls are more susceptible to mood disorders

Japanese Nuclear Agency Does not Know about the Workers: News for Kids

TEPCO,(TEPCO is Tokyo Electric and Power Company), stated today that it lost the contact with 143 of its employees who worked for the company after the Tohoku earthquake. TEPCO does not have any idea whether these employees were exposed to radiation or not. Most of these employees did not directly work for TEPCO.
After the earthquake which caused a partial meltdown at the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor, the nuclear agency hired many sub-contractors (different companies that do smaller jobs for big companies). These sub-contractors also hired daily workers who got paid 2-3 times more than a regular employee since they had to work very close to the radioactive leak. However, the big company did not have a full record of these daily workers. As a results 143 of these daily workers cannot be located at the moment.
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Web Blocker for Kids in China, News for Kids

According to Xinhua News Agency, at the end of this year, Chinese children under 16 will be automatically protected from harmful websites such as the ones that feature violent games, obscene materials and so on. However, this only applies to China Mobile users. When this filtering is in effect, the children who log on to the internet will not see any sites that were rated as harmful, similar to PG 13 or R ratings in the US. Another internet rating system is expected to be enacted for Turkish Children by August 22, 2011.

Çhinese lessons for kids 

Russian Boat Carrying Children Sinks, News for Kids

According to associated Press, a river boat with 197 people on board sank in Volga River of Russia. The incident took place on Sunday, July 10, 2011 and unfortunately 59 of the passengers were little children.  Currently there are 41 confirmed dead 5 of whom are children. However, it is believed that 100 bodies still remain in the sunken boat. The kids were separated from their parents and put in one of the play-rooms just before the ship sank.

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Today is Missing Children’s Day

In 1983 America’s 40th president Ronald Reagan declared May 25 as National Missing Children’s Day.  The story goes back to 1979, when Etan Patz, a 6 year old kid from New York City, went missing on May 25. He was last seen on his way to the bus stop… Father of Etan, Stanley Patz, tried really hard to find his son by distributing photo’s of his son all over the city. This search also generated quite a media buzz but unfortunately Etan was never found…

Americans have been commemorating this meaningful day to draw attention to all missing children cases and educated the public about this sensitive topic.

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