I don’t want to keep my subscription anymore, how do I cancel?

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We are sorry to see you go. It is very easy to cancel your subscription.

You can cancel your subscription anytime by stopping the “automatic billing”.

With this option you will still be able to access your course until the date it actually “expires”;

however, the subscription will not be renewed and you will not be charged again at the end of your subscription period.


I live in Italy and placed an order over 20 days ago, and I haven’t received my package. Can you help me?

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Dino Lingo ships hundreds of packages, every week, worldwide. 99% of the time, our packages are delivered to the correct address, right on time.

If you still haven’t received your package after 21 days.

Your package may be held at your local post office.

This is a common situation. If you are not home during delivery hours, your postal provider may choose to not leave the package at your door (unless otherwise instructed). If this is the case, please check with your local postal provider to ensure that your parcel is not being held at their facility for pickup.

Your package may be held at customs for processing.

Regarding customs, each country has a different process, taking different amounts of time. Due to heavy volume in certain countries, packages may be held for an undisclosed amount of time. In this case, we recommend contacting your local postal provider or customs department in order to supply them with a tracking number (found in confirmation email); this tracking number should enable your postal provider to track your parcel and estimate a delivery time.

Lost or Stolen Mail

While this is a rare occurrence, it is more common in certain parts of the world. If you ever suspect your package could be lost or stolen, we strongly recommend you purchase Express or Expedited mail to guarantee delivery. If you have purchased Standard International Shipping, Dino Lingo is not responsible for lost or stolen mail, as this service does not provide tracking information once the parcel has left the United States.