Parents Guide

1. Make reading time a warm loving environment. Get comfortable and snuggle together.
2. If your child easily gets distracted or bored please limit your child's reading time with 20 minutes or 5 stories a day.
3. We divided the stories based on age, reading level and gender. This will make choosing a story very easy.
4. Let your child choose the story.
5. Talk excitedly about the front cover and what you think the story might be about.
6. Point to and name things on the page, let your child repeat the words.
7. When the same object appears on a subsequent page ask your child, ‘What is that?’
8.Let your child try to predict what might happen.
9. Talk about the objects on the page, mention the colour/size etc. “Ooh look, it’s a big blue truck.”
10. Use different voices for each character.
11. Tell the story in an animated way. Make your voice happy, sad, surprised etc., according to the story.
12. If your child seems distracted or bored, let them choose a different story.
13. Point to things you have seen in a story that are in your environment, inside and outdoors.