Tagalog (Filipino) Online Lessons and Games for kids

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Online Tagalog (Filipino) Learning Portal For Kids

Tagalog (Filipino) Online Lessons and Games for kids - Learn Tagalog (Filipino) for children | Dino Lingo

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Tagalog (Filipino) Online Lessons
Dino Lingo Online Tagalog (Filipino) learning portal for kids teaches the most common 200 Tagalog (Filipino) words and phrases in 6 videos.
Tagalog (Filipino) Online Lessons for kids
    • VIdeo 1 : Numbers and colors / 35 min.
    • VIdeo 2 : Food, fruit and vegetables / 35 min.
    • VIdeo 3 : Toys, house items, vehicles / 35 min.
    • VIdeo 4 : Verbs, actions and nature / 35 min.
    • VIdeo 5 : Family, body parts, and clothes / 35 min.
    • Video 6 : Kinesthetic Learning through Song & Dance / 40 min.

*Daily conversations, greetings and animals are included in all videos.

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Tagalog (Filipino) Online Games
Tagalog (Filipino) online portal includes four different games. Each game is designed to develop your child's language skills by building their vocabulary.
Tagalog (Filipino) Online Games for kids
  • Word Wheel Game
    Listen to each Tagalog (Filipino) word and try to point the correct answer.
  • Click and tell Game
    Click on the image first, then hear the correct Tagalog (Filipino) pronunciation.
  • Memory Card Game
    Build your Tagalog (Filipino) vocabulary while playing this fun memory card game.
  • Quiz game
    Test your knowledge by taking a Tagalog (Filipino) vocabulary quiz.
Print Tagalog (Filipino) worksheets and flashcards
You can easily download and print Tagalog (Filipino) worksheets, flashcards, books and more to help kids learn the Tagalog (Filipino) language.
Tagalog (Filipino) Flashcards
Tagalog (Filipino) Alphabet book
Tagalog (Filipino) Animal Picture Dictionary
Tagalog (Filipino) Worksheets
Tagalog (Filipino) Activity Book
Tagalog (Filipino) Story Books

The Dino Lingo Storybooks can be used as a supplement to the vocabulary learned through the lesson videos and flashcards.

Tagalog (Filipino) Story Books

Tagalog (Filipino) storybooks titles:
1 - Animals, 2 - BodyParts, 3 - Clothes, 4 - Colors, 5- Food, 6- Numbers, 7 - Oppsites, 8 - Shapes, 9 - Vehicles, 10 - Verbs

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Tagalog (Filipino) Children's Songs

This album includes 10 Tagalog (Filipino) children's songs, which may be used as a fun way to introduce and familiarize your child with traditional Tagalog (Filipino) sounds and rhythms.

Tagalog (Filipino) Children's Songs

Tagalog (Filipino) children's songs titles:
1-Ako Ay May Lobo, 2-Ning-ning Munting Bituin, 3-Bahay Kubo, 4-Si Lolo McDonald, 5-Sagwan, Sagwan, Sagwan ang Bangka, 6-Kung Ikaw Ay Masaya, 7-Ang Munting Gagamba, 8-Baa Baa Itim Na Tupa, 9-London Bridge, 10-Sampu Na Batang Indian

Online Tagalog (Filipino) Learning Portal For Kids

Online Tagalog (Filipino) Learning Portal For Kids
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