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#1 effective Latin learning program for children

Award winning

Dino Lingo Latin for Kids is an award-winning language teaching program. Dino Lingo has the largest selection of children’s language programs in the world.

Easy learning

After watching the DVDs several times, most children can easily name everyday objects and understand basic phrases in Latin.

Easy learning set of Latin

For all children

Our program uses the scientifically proven “total immersion” method that is suitable for all children including toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Latin learning set for toddlers and pre-schoolers

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Latin Learning Sets for kids

Latin learning DVDs, books, flashcards, posters, toys and much more

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Latin learning software, online games, videos, songs, worksheets

Our Latin learning sets include;

  • Latin learning DVDs for kids


    Dino Lingo Latin for Kids learning program teaches the most common 150 Latin words and phrases in 5 DVDs...

    Latin learning DVDs for kids
  • Latin learning flashcards for kids


    Dino Lingo Latin learning flashcards teach the most common 133 words in Latin...

    Latin learning flashcards for kids
  • Latin learning Poster set for kids


    Dino Lingo Latin Posters teach the most common 133 words on 9 posters. All the words are written in Latin...

    Latin learning Poster set for kids
  • Latin vocabulary book for kids


    This book is considered as a guidebook for the DVDs. It is designed in a way that parent can follow each lesson through...

    Latin vocabulary book for kids
  • World Map


    The world map poster was created to help parents teach the countries and flags of the world in a fun and colorful way...

    World Map
  • Animal Picture Dictionary


    This Picture Dictionary presents kid’s favorite animals in a playful new perspective. A quick glance at the index is all...

    Animal Picture
  • Progress Chart, Report


    The Dino Lingo Progress Chart helps to monitor your child’s progress each week. This chart includes 200 small stickers and...

    Progress Chart, Report, & Stickers
  • Activity Book for Spanish learning


    The word games and activities contained within are an excellent way to occupy your young scholar with interesting and...

    Activity Book
  • Coloring Book for Spanish learning


    This coloring book was created with the vocabulary book and poster set in mind. While coloring the illustrations...

    Coloring Book
  • Crayons


  • 2 Finger Puppets for Spanish learning


    2 Finger Puppets
  • Dinosaur Toy


    Dinosaur Toy
  • Parents Guide for Spanish learning


    Parents Guide

A popular learning set all around the world

Dino lingo language learning programs are used by hundreds of schools and childcare centers worldwide.

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