Brazilian Portuguese for kids is an award winning Portuguese learning program for children.
Try a free Brazilian Portuguese lesson now. Kids enjoy learning Portuguese with our special DVDs, books, mp3s, videos and online courses.

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#1 effective Portuguese teaching program for children

Children can quickly learn and speak Portuguese, thanks to the award-winning lessons by Dino Lingo Kids

Award winning

Dino Lingo Brazilian Portuguese for Kids is an award-winning language teaching program pedagogically designed for small children.

Easy learning

After watching the DVDs several times and playing with the flashcards, most children can easily name everyday objects and understand basic phrases in Brazilian Portuguese.

Perfect set

This program consists of 6 DVDs, flashcards, posters, books and the parents guide.

For all children

Dino Lingo Brazilian Portuguese for Kids is suitable for all children between the ages of 1 and 8 years.

It’s as easy as child’s play, and works like magic!

Brazilian Portuguese for kids Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese for kids Premium set

$389.95 >> $249.95

6 DVDs / 150 FLASHCARDS / 12 posters / Vocabulary book / Music CD / Alphabet book / Alphabet poster / Culture book / 10 Storybooks / Storybook CD / Storybook DVD / Activity book / Coloring book / Parents guide / Animal picture dictionary / Progress Chart, Report, & Stickers / Dinosaur plush toy / Crayons / 2 Finger puppets

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Award winning program Brazilian Portuguese for kids Premium set

Teach Brazilian Portuguese for children

Coupon of the Brazilian Portuguese learning set

Brazilian Portuguese for kids Deluxe set

Brazilian Portuguese for kids Deluxe set

6 DVDs / 150 Flashcards / 12 posters / Vocabulary book / Activity book / Coloring book / Parents guide / Animal picture dictionary / Progress Chart, Report, & Stickers / Dinosaur plush toy / 2 Finger puppets / Crayons

$279.95 >>

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Learn more about Brazilian Portuguese for kids Deluxe set

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Brazilian Portuguese for kids DVD set

Brazilian Portuguese for kids
DVD set


$108.95 >> $89.95

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Award winning program Brazilian Portuguese for kids DVDs

Brazilian Portuguese for kids Online lesson

Brazilian Portuguese for kids
Online Subscription

Unlimited online access worldwide. Anytime, anywhere
Watch it on computers, tablets and all mobile devices

$99.95 >>
$59.95 A YEAR

Brazilian Portuguese for kids Standard set

Brazilian Portuguese for kids Standard set

6 DVDs / 150 Flashcards

$129.95 >> $99.95

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Award winning program Brazilian Portuguese for kids Standard set

Brazilian Portuguese for kids Story Book set

Brazilian Portuguese for kids
Story Book set

10 Story books / Story book DVD
Read Along Audio CD

$119.95 >> $79.95

FREE shipping in USA / International shipping $29.95~

Brazilian Portuguese for kids songs CD
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Brazilian Portuguese for kids Flashcard set

Brazilian Portuguese for kids Flashcard set

$29.95 >> $19.95

FREE shipping in USA / International shipping $29.95~

What is in the “Portuguese for kids Premium set”?

Brazilian Portuguese for kids Premium set


Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese learning DVDs for kids

Brazilian Portuguese
learning DVDs for kids

Dino Lingo Brazilian Portuguese for Kids learning program teaches the most common 200 Brazilian Portuguese words and phrases in 6 DVDs.

DVD 1 – Let’s Count: Numbers and colors / 35 min.
DVD 2 – Let’s Eat: Food, fruit and vegetables / 35 min.
DVD 3 – Let’s Play: Toys, house items, vehicles / 35 min.

DVD 4 – Let’s Jump: Verbs, actions and nature / 35 min.
DVD 5 – Let’s Learn: Family, body parts, and clothes / 35 min.

*BONUS DVD 6 – Let’s Dance: Kinesthetic Learning through Song & Dance / 40 min.
*Daily conversations, greetings and animals are included in all DVDs.





Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese learning flashcards for kids
Teach kids Brazilian Portuguese

Portuguese learning flashcards for kids

Dino Lingo Brazilian Portuguese learning flashcards teach the most common 150 words in Brazilian Portuguese. Each flashcard bundle comes with 2 sets, which contain 75 flashcards each. There are 150 total flashcards included in your bundle.

Brazilian Portuguese Flashcard Set Categories: Numbers, Colors, Food, Fruit and Vegetables, House Items, Body Parts, Family, Clothes, Vehicles, Nature, Animals, and Greetings.


Premium set

Colors Poster in Brazilian Portuguese

Numbers, Food, Fruit and Vegetables, House Items, Body Parts, Clothes, Vehicles, Nature, and Animals in Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese learning Poster set for kids

Dino Lingo Brazilian Portuguese Posters teach the most common 150 words on 10 posters. All the words are written in Brazilian Portuguese. Each poster is printed on glossy cardstock paper. Posters are foldable and very easy to use.

Brazilian Portuguese Poster Set Categories: Numbers, Colors, Food, Fruit and Vegetables, House Items, Body Parts, Clothes, Vehicles, Nature, and Animals.


Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary book for kids

Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary book for kids

Dino Lingo Brazilian Portuguese Vocabulary Book is considered as a guidebook for the DVDs. It is designed in a way that parent can follow each lesson through the book. The book has colorful animations and subtitles. All the pages are printed on glossy paper.

Brazilian Portuguese Vocabulary Book Categories: Numbers, Colors, Food, Fruit and Vegetables, House Items, Body Parts, Family, Clothes, Vehicles, Nature, Animals, and Greetings.


Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese storybook set for kids

Teach kids Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese storybook set for kids

The Dino Lingo Storybooks can be used as a supplement to the vocabulary learned through the DVDs and flashcards. By engaging in these simple and easy to follow stories, your child will have the opportunity to listen and say much of their new vocabulary used in context.


Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese storybook DVD for kids

Teach kids Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese storybook CD for kids

Brazilian Portuguese storybook CD
and DVD for kids

The Storybook Sets also includes an Audio CD and DVD accompaniment to help immerse your child in Terry and Rexy’s fun adventures. Each story is read by a native speaker and provides a whimsical musical environment where your child’s imagination can soar!

The Storybook DVDs provide a visual and audio representation of each story, so that you and your child may follow along as the native speaker guides you through each tale.


Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese children’s songs CD

Brazilian Portuguese children’s music CD

Brazilian Portuguese children’s songs CD

This album includes 10 Brazilian Portuguese children’s songs, which may be used as a fun way to introduce and familiarize your child with traditional Brazilian Portuguese sounds and rhythms. Listen to this fun and upbeat compilation together, in the car, at home, or where ever the fun may take you!

Brazilian Portuguese children’s songs titles: 1 - Sapo Cururu, 2 - Sambalele, 3 - Atirei o Pau no Gato, 4 - Boi da Cara Preta, 5 - Cai Cai Balão, 6 - Escravos de Jó, 7 - Fui no Tororó, 8 - Marcha Soldado, 9 - O Sapo Não Lava o Pé, 10 - Pirulito Que Bate Bate


Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese children’s Alphabet Book

Teach kids Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese children’s Alphabet Book

The Brazilian Portuguese Alphabet Book offers a great learning solution to teaching the letters which make up the Brazilian Portuguese language. It’s a perfect guide for children learning to pronounce and write the alphabet of a new language.


Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese children’s Alphabet Poster

Portuguese children’s Alphabet Poster

The Brazilian Portuguese Alphabet Poster is a fun guide for the letters which make up the Brazilian Portuguese language. It’s a convenient visual for kids learning to pronounce and write the Brazilian Portuguese alphabet.


Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese Culture for Kids

Brazilian Culture for Kids

The global community is a diverse and complex place. As a result of the meteoric rise of globalization, the children of today are much more likely to interact with people who come from different cultural backgrounds. Brazilian Culture for Kids is designed not only to teach children fun and interesting facts about the lifestyle of Brazil, but also to foster a deeper understanding and cultural connection with Portuguese speakers.


Premium set

World Map for Kids

World Map

The Dino Lingo world map poster was created to help parents teach the countries and flags of the world in a fun and colorful way. Every country is defined with the design of its own flag, which makes it easier for a young mind to understand the concept of the “world,” as well as the different countries and cultures within it. Having an early grasp on the size and scope of human civilization will ensure your child grows up better equipped to be a global citizen.


Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese Animal Picture Dictionary for Kids

Animal Picture Dictionary

The Animal Picture Dictionary presents kid’s favorite animals in a playful new perspective. A quick glance at the index is all it takes to connect images of both exotic and common critters with their Brazilian Portuguese names. Try having your little one show you which animals live in your home country, or having them tell you what colors the animals are in Brazilian Portuguese. The picture dictionary is great for playing games!


Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese Progress Chart, Report, & Stickers

Progress Chart, Report, & Stickers

The Dino Lingo Progress Chart helps to monitor your child’s progress each week. This chart includes 200 small stickers and a weekly progress report you can use to track their achievements. All images from the DVDs and flashcards are included in the chart to help spark your child’s memory as they point to each image and name the Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary word.

Put a sticker under each correct answer


1 - Show your child an image from the progress chart
2 - Place a sticker under each correct answer

3 - Reward your child for correct answers
4 - Repeat weekly until your child has mastered every word!


Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese Activity Book for Kids

Activity Book

The Dino Lingo Activity Book is engaging, educational, and most importantly... fun! The word games and activities contained within are an excellent way to occupy your young scholar with interesting and entertaining activities such as “Go Fish,” Mazes, and Spot the Difference while reinforcing their understanding of the vocabulary covered in each DVD. This activity book Includes removable playing cards. Dino Lingo encourages any excuse to dive into a book, especially the ones you can draw in!


Premium set

Brazilian Portuguese Coloring Book

Coloring Book

Dino Lingo’s coloring book was created with the vocabulary book and poster set in mind. While coloring the illustrations from the book and the posters, kids will naturally remember and repeat the words in Brazilian Portuguese.


Premium set


We have included a set of crayola crayons so your child can start expressing their creativity in a rainbow of colors as soon as they wish!


Premium set

Finger Puppets for learning Brazilian Portuguese

2 Finger Puppets

These furry little guys are the perfect size for little fingers! During the Brazilian Portuguese immersion process, your child’s fuzzy finger buddies can be used for a wide variety of instructional and role-play exercises. Studies show that role-playing with puppets can increase vocabulary retention far more than simply hearing or reading a word.


Premium set

Dinosaur Plush Toy for learning Brazilian Portuguese

Dinosaur Plush Toy

These cuddly dinosaur plush toys will accompany your child on their language learning journey through the wild and wonderful world of Terry and Rexy.


Premium set

Parents Guide to teach Brazilian Portuguese for children

Parents Guide

Our Parents Guide is designed to make guiding your littlest bilingual through the language learning process effectively as easy as child’s play. This pamphlet provides useful information on how to use the DVDs together with supplemental materials in the most effective and efficient way possible.


Premium set

National flag

Brazilian Flag

The Brazilian flag poster is included so your child can learn more about the culture of Brazil as they learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese.

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Other set

My 4 year old loved this!

My husband's family is Italian and I thought it would be really neat to teach our daughter some Italian. I watched the video with her and we both really enjoyed it. She was very interested to watch the animated cartoon characters and the learning was easy to follow. I think shes the perfect age for getting the most out of this video. Younger children might not learn as much so quickly, but im sure they would still enjoy watching the video. I would definitely recommend this as a tool for teaching your child simple words and phrases in Italian.
- Erin B. -

Great for young children!

My kids are 1/2 Korean, ages 4 and 2 1/2. Although their grandmother is with them during the day and speaks to them in Korean, it's been hard to get them interested in speaking the Korean language themselves. We currently have a private Korean tutor who comes for one hour twice a week, but purchased Dino Lingo to supplement their language classes during the week. As an adult, the structure of the videos seem odd at first. However, after a few times watching the DVD's, I realized the structure is to keep the children entertained and interested. It really does keep their attention and my children love to repeat the Korean words as it plays.
- M. Hur -

Great set! My son loves it!

I am a Turk and my wife is American. Since my son is spending more time with my wife when I am at work, I don't get as much time to practice Turkish with my 3 year old. So I decided to buy this when I heard about it from a friend of mine. Let me tell you, this really works! My kid loves it (duhh! what 3 year old wouldn't like dinosaurs!) and started to pick up lots of words. I like how this is laid out as a fun activity than some sort of course/lecture. Highly recommend it!
- Emre -

Dino Lingo Spanish learning DVDs are great! My kids love them.

I researched a lot before purchasing these dvds. I bought both Portuguese and Spanish Language DVDs for kids. They are both excellent. I am very pleased with our purchase and would recommend them to everyone. The kids learn Spanish without realizing it. They love to repeat the different phrases. Great customer service. I called to ask questions and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you!
- JH -


My wife is a Korean-American and we speak English at home. I purchased Dino Lingo Korean DVDs few weeks before we went to Korea as a family. I wanted my 2,5 year old daughter to learn some Korean so she could impress our relatives living there. I am glad I did it, as soon as DVDs arrived, she started watching them all the time, she loved the animations, bit by bit she started repeating the words and phrases, and she would look at the flashcards and tell us the name of the objects. When we went to Korea, all our relatives seemed so happy how she could pronounce those words perfect. They would point to her nose and she would say "nose" in Korean, and head, hair, hat, etc... and everybody would laugh. Mission accomplished. I would recommend these DVDs to anyone who wants to teach beginner level to their kids. Now we're back from Korea and she picked up a lot over there, we need more advanced levels. I am happy with my purchase and I recommend.
- Eoin -

Cute and Keeps Child's Attention

I watched a lesson with my 3 year old son and it was a little over 20 minutes long. My son HATES watching TV. He would rather be up running around and playing. However, he sat through the ENTIRE lesson and seemed to absolutely LOVE it! He counted along with the dinosaurs and recognized some animals, and learned a new word or two! I had my doubts before we watched the lesson, but as I watched it with him, I realized how educational it was. The characters do silly things to keep the child's attention, which I even chuckled at! Very cute and educational!
- Afwife -

If you want your Kids to learn another language, this is the program for you!

At first, I was a little skeptical of trying the program because my daughter is a little young. She's going to be 3 in September, and already, she's picked up on words and uses them. You can hear her when she plays with her toys pointing to her stuffed kitty and saying gatto.I give it 5 starts because it is not only a learning program, but fun for the kids as well!
- Tara P. -

Excellent Language Learning DVD My kid is learning portuguese and having fun!

These Portuguese kids DVDs are great. They come with flashcards and my kids both love them. The characters are very creative and cute. My kids have learned several Portuguese phrases. I am definately going to check out other languages. I purchased the Spanish DVD language set as well.
- JH -

Great for kids

I really dont like to let my son what tv too much ..but this dvd was great for him .Since I speak portuguese and my husband english ...he knows both ..and that made him realized that were 2 different ways to talk .Also he learned a lot new words ...just having fun watching the video ;0)
- Give a try -


I have been looking for a program to teach my children polish. I have tried tons. My kids ages 3 and 5, love these videos. They watch one everyday. It has only been about a month,but they already know so much. My inlaws who speak polish said they are learning so fast and have excellent pronunciation. This is the best program ever. These videos make it so easy to pick up the language. My kids don't even realize that it is learning program. I love it! I wish they had a more difficult version after they master these videos that they can go on to.
- Jessica -

Recommend to everyone

My wife is Polish and she was looking for toys and videos to teach our 3 year old Polish and told me she couldn't find anything useful. One day I ran across this set while I was searching something completely different. I was hesitant but I bought the DVDs just to surprise her... The DVDs and the cards are alright. The poster was folded into 2 halves which I didn't like much. The videos seem to be fun and engaging as our daughter keeps watching and doesn't seem to get bored. Her favorite part is animals and the scenes where the characters dance. Although she is not much interested in dinosaurs, she enjoys watching the videos.She sometimes choose to watch the Dino DVD instead of some recent movies we got for her which makes my job easier when I babysit her. I should also say that the videos don't only have dinosaurs but soome variety such as animals, 3D characters, quiz-like stuff, etc. The downside is there are many repetitions that might be overwhelming for adults. But for a small child it apparently works.When we visited Poland last month, our daughter was able to say many things to my mother in-law in Polish and both I and my wife were just amazed...
- Filip -

Wonderful for Kids

This is a great program to teach children basic words in Spanish! My son is 16 months old and it keeps his attention. Although he is not saying too many words yet, I am able to follow and say things in both English and Spanish to him. I love this aspect of the videos, that I can interact with him through this program as well! It's wonderful!
- Matixs M. -

5 stars

My son is learning Polish. We bought this program with the recommendation of a family friend, and I and my wife Magdalena first were first cautious because it was something like between an entertainment video and a game, it was amazing to hear my son uttering words in Polish. Recommended.
- Whooping -

Absolutely amazing program!

My sons had learned a little bit of spanish from Dora the explorer on TV< but aside from that had never been exposed to other languages. However with in 5 minutes of watching the Dutch session they were both running around saying different words in dutch! They seemed to have an extremely good understanding of what they were saying as well! I am SO thrilled about Dino Lingo!! We will definitely be using Dino Lingo Programs in general to help advance our children's speech and language abilities!
- Krysti M. -

a world of a difference

My son has had trouble learning his words. He works with tutors and specialists but this program has him enjoying learning the words as he sits there and reads them to me. He gets so excited when he gets the word without any help. I am so proud of how far he has come, It seriously is a world of a difference.
- Acavano -

Fun dinos teaching spanish

My two year old son enjoyed watching the free viewing of one episode of the Dinos teaching spanish from Influenster. My son is currently going through an early intervention for speech specialist and is still building his vocabulary. Although he didn't immediately pick up the words being taught, the show definitely kept his attention. I would really consider this DVD set once he's gotten to a better place with his speech progress in English.
- TS Mom -

Fun product

Growing up bilingual was a unique advantage , and I was afraid my son would grow up not learning polish. This is a great product for helping me start teaching my baby the basics. The dvds cover the basics, are very engaging for children (some of the animations are a little weird). I do wish that they had more products to progress to e.g advanced polish for kids.
- JJ -

Excellent Language Learning Program

I always am looking to advance myself as well as my little one. What I loved about this one was the colors and graphics really attracted my little one. She really liked the characters and was just as enjoyable as her fav. NickJr. cartoons.
- Miche -

Great way to keep my language

I had a sample sent to me in a mail that had all kinds of languages and I have tobe honest - my kids watched all of them, which was fun, but I was really happy with Russian language episode. First and foremost - it was read by a native speaker, which is a HUGE plus and it had a lot of words. Based on one episode I have I think it's a great way to add new words to my kids vocabulary and still have fun with it. I haven't seen the cards, but the DVDs on its own are AWESOME!
- Yelena B. -

Awesome learning for kids

Played this for my 5 year old, but the 10 year olds were just as interested in it as the 5 year old. This is a great program and had my kids completely engaged in learning. Half the time I don't even think they realized they were learning!
- DI2 -

Useful for adults too.

We don't have any kids. You might call us senior citizens. We're planning a trip to Turkey in the near future. We've used the Pimsleur Turkish language CDs to get a strong introduction to the Turkish language but we wanted a way to get a broad overview of Turkish vocabulary. We figured that a product designed to teach kids might be just what we needed. That's why we ordered this product. It works! Although not ideal for adult sensibilities, these DVDs provide a broad overview of the Turkish vocabulary. Turkish is presented in a fun way. You can learn hundreds of words for foods, animals, nature, activities, objects, people, relationships, etc. It would be nice if they offered some of the same content in a more compact, adult format, but, even so, this is a good way to learn. Maybe after we return from our trip, we'll give the DVDs to the grand-kids.
- Vanman -

DinoLingo for Kids Spanish

DinoLingo for kids is a super easy, fun way for children to learn a new language. It incorporates cute characters and scenes that get the child interested and involved. This is a great way to start early and learn at home, while having fun at the same time. My child has only watched a few bits of this product so far and already can recognize spanish words. This is definitely a great option for someone that wants their child to learn a language, but they do not know one themselves. Your child will not want to stop watching the DVD.
- JDawn -

(All of these reviews were originally posted on Amazon.)

Brazilian Portuguese learning program for kids by Dino Lingo
Dino Lingo understands that learning the Brazilian Portuguese language for children is different than it is for adults. Brazilian Portuguese learning for kids requires a radically different approach. Our Brazilian Portuguese lessons for children use fun DVDs, books, flashcards, games, songs, and online lessons. With our approach, children learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese in a more organic, less regimented way. Our program makes learning Brazilian Portuguese for children fun. Soon children understand and speak Brazilian Portuguese in a naturalistic manner. There's never been a more powerful and easy method for teaching Brazilian Portuguese to a child. No other lesson system or course is quite like it.
Our award winning Brazilian Portuguese teaching method incorporates the stuff kids love with results that are truly amazing and praised in testimonials and reviews by parents and schools alike. In short, Dino Lingo gets results. Our animated dinosaur characters do the Brazilian Portuguese teaching in the most efficient way. The results are linguistic magic. Our system of Brazilian Portuguese learning DVDs, books, flashcards, games, songs, online lessons and cartoons gets your kid motivated, fully engaged, and speaking Brazilian Portuguese fast.
A popular learning set all around the world

Dino lingo language learning programs are used by
hundreds of schools and childcare centers worldwide.

Here are some of Dino Lingo's institutional customers.
What is Dino Lingo method and how does it work?
We make it easy and fun to learn the Portuguese language for children.
Full immersion: Our program is presented in Portuguese, no translations or confusions.
Contextual variation: During the DVD, each word is presented at least in four different contexts,
such as: cartoon image, cartoon animation, real image, real video, etc.
Gradual interval recall: All words and phrases are repeated several times throughout the DVDs.
Subtitles: All words have Portuguese subtitles.

For more detailed info on our method, please check Dino Lingo method.

View our latest commercial

Hi! I just wanted to say a huge thank you for creating such a wonderful product. I bought the learn Finnish DVDs for my little boy when he was only 6 months old and it is the best thing I've ever got for him! Him watches them so intensely, you can almost see him learning. When I found Dino Lingo I had been looking for some kind of DVD for my son to be able to learn Finnish as I own a business in Finland and we are planning to move back there someday. I only speak a little Finnish and my pronunciation isn't very good and he is too young for Finnish school so these DVDs were perfect as he can hear proper pronunciation and they are great for refreshing my Finnish too. I would love to see some more advanced DVDs for slightly older kids and maybe some workbooks. It's so hard to find language learning programs in Finnish. Thanks again! We love Dino Lingo!!

Amy Greenland

I found the lessons from Dino Lingo heart warming and engaging. My kids loved the dinosaurs and were so proud of the words they learned. The animation was very cute and everything was easy to follow. I could easily see my kids staying engaged while learning a new language. This is a terrific program for toddlers, preschoolers, and even school aged children. If anything it will expose them to a new language that they can build upon.

Heidi Boelsma

I loved the Dino Lingo set, in the Italian language. My daughter loved it, the images kept her locked and loaded. She repeated words out loud while watching it and now she loves to show off her new language skills, every time she gets an opportunity to speak Italian she will. Even my child's teacher is impressed. Its a great way for anyone to learn a language, I myself picked up a few things from watching. I look forward to introducing and mastering the sets of other languages in the future with Dino Lingo with my daughter.

Brittney Fonseca(Mom) / Emily D. Fonseca(Daughter)

My toddler loves his 'Dino Movie' and requests it on a daily basis; sometimes multiple times a day.The dinosaurs and other fun characters are animated and engaging, keeping my son glued to his TV. Sure enough he started walking around the house in no time saying things like "hola!" and "pez" as he pointed to the fish bowl! I almost couldn't believe how quickly he caught on to some of the words and phrases! Now that were a few months in; Reece is repeating most if not all of the simple words and phrases...

Britnee Sammons

I love your dvd programs. My daughter is going on 2 and the spanish dvd is so entertaining for her. Ive noticed her speaking a little in spanish and hope that ahe picks it up as a second language. My oldest is 7 and learned from dino lingo so well that she wants to take on another language. Thank you for the FUN, EASY way to learn spanish. Love,

Paula Rivas
Rivas family

I couldn't believe how fast my children and myself for that matter started to pick up a new language! They started repeating the new words just seconds after hearing and seeing them on screen. The DinoLingo videos are fun and entertaining, kids never even realize they are "learning". The DinoLingo program is a great addition to any child's education.

Paula Crawford
Joshua 8 yrs old / George 7 yrs old

Learning with Dino Lingo is not only fun but enjoyable for my son and since it's cartoon characters it helps my child relate and learn. He loves Dinosaurs so he is excited every time we put in the DVD, and is eager to learn some new words.He was so excited to tell me all the words he learned the first time he watched it and share the words with friends from school. It helps create a wonderful, fun bonding experience with my son all while learning a new language. There are so many different languages to choose from that will teach your child a new language.

Autumn Eaton

When my son turned 2 years old he didn't express a lot of interest in talking and his doctor was a little concerned. After countless times of trying language learning DVD's, I was introduced to Dino Lingo. I chose the Dino Lingo DVD in our primary language, English, and my son loved it! We watched Dino Lingo almost everyday and about two weeks later my son was saying new words left and right! He really enjoyed the characters and seemed to have a ton of fun watching. Now that we are on a steady path to talking, I am planning on trying the Spanish DVD next!

Cassie Boling


Do you ship Dino Lingo language learning sets overseas?
Yes. We ship our language learning sets to over 100 different countries worldwide. Including Australia, England, Canada, Japan, Philippines, South Africa, UAE, Singapore, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Brazil, China, New Zealand, Sweden, South Korea, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Italy, Cyprus, Qatar, Poland, Viet Nam, Hong Kong, Belgium and more.


Do Dino Lingo DVDs play in other countries?
Yes. We ship Dino Lingo DVDs in the format suitable to each country.
Dino Lingo DVD Regions: (All regions worldwide) 1,2,3,4,5,6. NTSC & PAL/SECAM.
Additionally you can also watch our DVDs on your computers as well.

Portuguese Fun Facts

Portuguese is the most widely spoken language in South America.
Portuguese is the 6th most common language in the world and the third fastest growing European language.
Some of the English words of Portuguese origin are caramel, cashew, flamingo, mosquito, potato and zebra.
Many people in Angola, Mozambique and Macaque can speak Portuguese.

Celebrities Who Can Speak Portuguese

Jordana Brewster, Nelly Furtado, Salma Hayek

What are the Best Ways to Learn Brazilian Portuguese for Kids?

Regularly watching Dino Lingo Brazilian Portuguese videos and playing Dino Lingo Brazilian Portuguese language online games.
Visiting places where Brazilian Portuguese is spoken such as Brazilian Portuguese restaurants, Brazilian Portuguese supermarkets, Brazilian Portuguese culture centers, Brazilian Portuguese temples, Brazilian Portuguese schools, Brazilian Portuguese community centers.
Playing with fun educational stuff like Brazilian Portuguese jigsaw puzzles and Brazilian Portuguese toys. Don't forget the posters (Brazilian Portuguese alphabet, sight words, Brazilian Portuguese flag).
Interacting with other kids who can speak Brazilian Portuguese or studying together with someone with whom they can practice Brazilian Portuguese.

Popular Portuguese Proverbs

Old donkeys don't learn languages.
A dog that was bitten by a snake fears sausage.
It's better not to poke a jaguar with a short stuff.
The forbidden food is the most desired.
Haste is the enemy of perfection.
Dirty clothes should be washed at home.

Common Portuguese Baby Names

Alberto, Carmen, Cintia, Dores, Frederico, Helena, Julio, Luis, Marques, Pedro, Rosa, Veronica

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