Verbs in Latin – Free online Latin lessons

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English                     Latin

eat                             edere

he is  eating            is edit

drink                         bibere

he is drinking,       is bibit

walk                          ambulare

he is walking,         is ambulat

run                             currere

he is running,         is currit

jump                         salire

he is jumping,       is salit

sleep                        dormire

he is sleeping,      is dormit

look                          aspicere

he is looking,        is aspicit

play                          ludere

he is playing,         is ludet

read                         legere

he is reading,        is legit

smell                       fragare

he is smelling,     is fragrat

smile                       subridere
he is smiling,        is subridet

dance                      saltare

he is dancing,       is saltat

swim                       nare

he is swimming,   is nat

fly                             volare

he is flying,           is volat
the airplane is flying,        velivolum volat

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