Some Basic Words and Phrases in Hindi – Hindi Culture for kids

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Hello/Goodbye – namaste

Excuse me – maaf kijiyeh

Please – meharbani she

Thank you – shukriya

Yes – haan

No – nahin

How are you? – aap kiaseh hain?

Very well, thank you – bahut acha, shukriya

What’s your name? – aap ka shubh naam kya hai?

My name is. –  meraa naam.hai

Do you speak English? –  Kya aap angrezi aatee hai?

I don’t understand – meri samajh mei nahin aaya

What time is it? – Kitneh bajeh hain?

Numbers in Hindi

1 – ek
2 – do
3 – teen
4 – char
5 – panch
6 – chhe
7 – saat
8 – aath
9 – nau
10 – das

Indian names are different from region to region. People choose names based on their religion or level or society.  Names may come from a person involved with Indian history.

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