Thai Common Words and Phrases – Thai Culture for kids

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When being introduced or greeting someone, men say sawatdee-krap and women say sawatdee-kah. This means “Where are you going?” rather than “Hello”. A polite response is “Just down the street”.

Hi!                               Sa-was-dee

Good morning!             A-roon-sa-was

Good evening!              Sa-yan-sa-was

Welcome!                     Yin-dee-ton-rab

How are you?               Sa-bai-dee-mai

I’m fine. Thanks.          Sa-bai-dee, kob-kun

And you?                     Leaw-kun-la

Good/So-so.                  Kor-dee/reauy-reauy

Thank you.                   Kob-hun

You’re welcome.           Mai-prn-rai.

Good night!                   Ra-tee-sa-was.

See you later!                Leaw-jor-kan-mai.

Good bye!                     La-korn

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