Slovakian Common Words and Phrases – Slovakian Culture for kids

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Hello                                                       Ahoj (singular)      Ahojte (plural)

Pleased to meet you                                 Tesi ma

Good afternoon                                        Dobre popoludnie

Good evening                                           Dobry vecer

Good night                                               Dobru noc

Good morning                                           Dobre rano (used until 8:00 a.m.)/Dobry den

What’s your name?                                    Ako sa volate?

My name is …                                            Volam sa …

Have a nice day.                                        Pekny den! Pekny den prajem!

Excuse me                                                Prepacte!

Sorry                                                        Pardon!

Thank you                                                 Dakujem, Dakujem vam, Dakujem pekne

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