Hispanic culture, family values, fun facts for children

Hispanic cultures value family, respect, sacrifice and hard work. Hispanic families tend to be very close, and loyalty to the family and placing the good of the family ahead of your own success is important. Working hard and making sacrifices for the good of others is also valued, and some people think it is the only way to make a better future.

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Verbal and nonverbal communication in Arabic culture, fun facts for children

Arabs usually greet each other verbally with Salaam Alikum. Cheek-to-cheek kissing is a normal gesture of non-verbal greeting amongst friends of the same gender. Arab men and women usually maintain distance and do not display affection in public. However, style of greeting and communication varies from one Arab country to another.

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Famous Arabic stories, epics, fun facts for children, Aladdin and the magic lamp

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp is one of the most famous folk tales of the Arab world. It is a story of a boy named Aladdin who comes across a magic lamp and is granted all his wishes by the genie, or Slave of the Lamp, that lives within. From food to a lovely palace and the King’s beautiful daughter as his bride, all of Aladdin’s wishes come true and finally he defeats the evil wizard and lives happily ever after. This story is a part of the Arabian Nights series.


Arabic lessons for kids