Korean Names: Top 30 Boys and Girls Names in Korea

Most Korean names consist of two syllables. There are also common last names like “Kim” that many Koreans have.

Here are the top 30 first names in Korea.

girls boys
ji su 지수 jin soo 진수
ji hee 지희 min jun 민준
jae eun 재은 se jun 세준
mi na 미나 sung min 성민
yu na 유나 ji hun 지훈
a ra 아라 ji sung 지성
ji yeon 지연 young jin 영진
ye seul 예슬 dong woo 동우
soo jung 수정 heon woo 현우
mi jin 미진 jung wook 정욱
eun ha 은하 la on 라온
mi sun 미선 jin woo 진우
ha na 하나 gun ho 건호
soo mi 수미 tae min 태민
yeon a 연아 jun ho 준호

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Korean Names and Names in Korean : The way Names are Written Read In Korea

According to Lauderdale and Kestenbaum (2000) Top 10 , top 20 and top 50 Filipino names are as follow
Top 10 Korean names are
1. Park
2. Kim
3. Choi
4. Cho
5. Chung
6. Kang
7. Yi
8. Han
9. Pak
10. Hong
Top 20 Korean names are
11. Song
12. Shin
13. Oh
14. Yoon
15. Hwang
16. Yoo
17. Choe
18. Kwon
19. Ahn
20. Chun
Top 50 Korean names are
21. Yun
22. Suh
23. Son
24. An
25. Cha
26. Min
27. Nam
28. Bae
29. Im
30. Chon
31. Rhee
32. Won
33. Yim
34. Kwak
35. Shim
36. Jun
37. Sin
38. Paik
39. Seo
40. Bang
41. Jang
42. Hyun
43. Whang
44. Huh
45. Chae
46. Mun
47. No
48. Sim
49. Sohn
50- O
These names are compiled by 2 researchers in year 2000. Current name distribution might be a little different.

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