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DinoLingo Method

The Science behind "DinoLingo Method"

  • 1- Full Immersion

    Children naturally learn a foreign language from DinoLingo videos because they hear common phrases and vocabulary hundreds of times without any interruption. Total immersion method is used on the program, where there are no translations or confusion for children. Imagination and repetition captures a child’s interest in learning and development.

  • 2- Contextual Variation

    Each of the foreign language learning words used in Dino Lingo programs is presented to the listener in at least 4 different contexts. In addition, unlike other programs, Dino Lingo repeats words intermittently and not just consecutively which triggers the child’s memory development.

  • 3- High-Pitched Female Voices

    Scientific studies show that babies and young children identify best with high-pitched voices, otherwise known as “motherese” or child-directed speech. We have worked with female and child actors with high-pitched vocals for this reason.

  • 4- Pronunciation

    Dino Lingo language programs are recorded by native speakers of each language.

  • 5- Subtitles

    At Dino Lingo, we know that most parents want to be able to read the captions in both the local characters of target language as well as the English (Latin) alphabet. We provide this to you as are the facilitator helping your child understand their new language.

  • 6- Neonate Characters

    Dino Lingo uses animated characters that have baby-like faces. There are no monstrous, scary or wild characters in Dino Lingo products since they are age appropriate.

  • 7- Gradual Interval Recall

    Each target word Dino Lingo introduces is timed to be presented at different intervals, triggering memory (e.g. The word ‘car’ is presented in the 5th minute, the 10th minute, and again in the 30th minute).

  • 8- Animism

    Research shows that small children have a tendency to believe that all objects are alive (e.g. talking and dancing cars). Dino Lingo features many lively objects that capture the children’s attention and curious imagination.

  • 9- Sudden Surprises

    To capture the little ones attention, Dino Lingo uses some scientific techniques such as sudden appearance and disappearances, sudden pans, zoom-ins and unfamiliar sounds. This keeps a young mind interested and busy as they learn along.

  • 10- Optimum Combination Of 3D/2D Animation

    Recent studies have shown that children prefer to watch animations over real-life footage. Designed to capture your child’s attention, 80% of Dino Lingo videos are presented as either 3D or 2D animations.

Repetition = Results

Throughout the DinoLingo program, language learning tools and resources are presented in an age appropriate and fun way. The child’s imagination and attention is captivated by using all the senses with cute dinosaurs, colorful animations and music, scientifically designed and engineered specifically to build the foundations for foreign language learning.


By creating a rich and enticing learning environment, kids will soon start the organic process of learning the language. Integrating repetition technique will boost a child’s confidence and engagement with each activity. Strategically planned interval recalls tap into and trigger memory development that helps children to speak.


Dino Lingo employs the total immersion method which allows children immerse themselves in the language learning process right away. By immediately capturing their attention and utilizing repetition and quiz techniques, children are encouraged and excited to speak almost immediately.

Google Reviews

Lisa Ospina
Lisa Ospina
4 years ago
We have the Polish version of this program and my 4 year old loves it. He wanted nothing to do with just learning Polish conversationally with me and my family, but once you throw in a few dinosaurs, it's wonderful. The videos are very colorful and through repetition, make it very easy to learn all the terms for things. I hope they make another version that is more conversational in the future.
Gmedia media
Gmedia media
4 years ago
We love it. My children watch the videos everyday while they are learning Spanish. I hear them repeating the words and phrases, love it. Thanks
Brittany Brooks
Brittany Brooks
5 years ago
I am very pleased with the purchase of dino lingo in Latin. I purchased this in hopes of my 2 year old learning some Latin now so it will be easier for her when she is older. She thoroughly enjoys watching it. She loves the dinosaurs and the songs. She likes to dance along to the music. It keeps her engaged. I would definitely recommend this program to others with young children.
5 years ago
Discovered your wonderful supply of educational products for young children to learn a new language in a Google search. Although it is no longer taught in most public schools, the basics of Latin (and some Greek) remains foundational for young minds to parse medical, legal and other professional English words. The flashcards for toddlers to learn some Latin is perfect! I called to clarify my order. Your agent was friendly, courteous and most helpful. Thank you for the excellent customer service, and I will probably have future orders for my grandson's linguistic development in the future.
Lizzy Lou
Lizzy Lou
5 years ago
I just recently bought the online subscription for Thai. Wow, this is amazing! Such creativity and very gifted people to put this together. Its engaging and entertaining. I would recommend for all ages as I am in my late 30's and bought it for myself as I was looking for something visual other than memorizing sentences and phrases. I like how they have animation, and real pictures together. It helps me to learn and because its so engaging and entertaining, it helps me to remember even more! I love the memory games and other games included. I have watched the first 2 videos already a few times and it only gets better! I would highly recommend this for all ages, and for families to watch it all together. Even though its created for children, its an excellent product for everyone no matter what age you are. Thanks for all your effort and creating a wonderful product! I look forward to continue learning!
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