1. Main menu: Content, lessons, games, books, etc.
  2. Rewards: Dinosaurs and Stars
  3. Parents menu: Help, Sign up, Change language, etc.
  4. 4A: Favorites 4B: Add or Remove Favorites
  5. Audio: Ring/Silent button must be on "Ring".
  6. Audio: Volume button should be up
  7. Exit: Swipe up to exit the app

App Problems and Troubleshooting


App History:

Mar 1 2019: New version 1.0.13 published

Feb 27 2019: New version 1.0.12 published

Feb 20 2019: New version 1.0.11 published

Feb 19 2019: New version 1.0.10 published

Feb 15 2019: New version 1.0.3 published

Feb 2, 2019: New Itunes app released.


p.s. When there is a new version published, we would recommend you to delete the old version from your Iphone or Ipad and upload the new version from the AppStore.

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