Definition of the most common 100 idioms and phrases in English language

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Common idioms and idiomatic expressions for kids in the English language.

  Believe it or notYou might not believe this but…
  Bites more than he/she can chewTakes more responsibility than he/she can handle
  Break a leg!Good luck!
  Business as usualThings are the same as usual
  Costs arm and a legCosts a lot
   Dawn till duskFrom morning till the evening
   Dozen a dime/dime a dozenSo easy to find, not so valuable
   Nitty grittyThe most essential part of
   Nuts and boltsDetails
   On the flip sideOn the other hand
   Party animalA person who likes partying
   Sounds like a broken recordRepeating the same things over and over
   Speaking of which I like apple, speaking of which I will grab some apple juice for my self
   Strike a balanceHave a good balance of
   Testing the watersExperimenting, assessing the reaction
   The bottom line is Simply put…It all comes down to
   Think outside the boxThink differently
   You gotta be kidding meyou must be joking
   1 o’clock “sharp”“Exactly” at 1 o’clock
   Back to the grindBack to the usual
   ChickenCoward/ afraid or nervous about doing things
   Don’t joke with meAre you serious?? Don’t mess with me
   Down to earthRealistic
   Get a lifeTry to be like a normal person, pay attention to things that are important
   Get to the pointDon’t beat around the bush
   Give somebody a hard timeBothering someone
   Give someone a handHelp someone
   Go DutchSplitting the bill, paying 50/50
   Good for nothingNot good
   Hold on a secondJust wait a moment
   I beg to differI’d rather take a different stance on this topic
   I blew itI wasted my chance
   I’m hosedI am in a bad situation
   I’m on my way to…I am heading towards to…
   In terms of XWhen X is evaluated.
   It’s a long storyWhat you are asking me is a complicated matter
   It’s a piece of cakeSo easy
   Keep me in the loopKeep me posted, keep me updated
   Keep your coolJust stay calm
   Know something inside outKnow every detail, know by heart
   Make up one’s mindMaking a decision
   Now and thenSometimes, once in a while
   Pie in the skyRidiculous
   Play it by earDecide about something when it happens instead of making a decision in advance
   Rings a bellSounds familiar
   Rise and shineparents tell this to their children to wake them up
   Sleep on itThink about it little more
   Sort ofKind of,
   Take a hikeJust get away, get out of here
   Throw in the towelGive up, quit
   Under the radarWithout attracting notice
   When it comes to XIf we talk about X…
   You BetI agree with you
   You’re telling me!Yes! I totally agree with you
  a red flaga sign that makes someone/something unreliable
  I don’t get itI don’t understand
  Round the clock24 hours a day
 … You name itAnything related that you can imagine
 ….You never knowDon’t leave your door open, you never know what might happen
 …and what not...And so on, anything you can imagine
 Beats meI don’t know how it happened but it makes me feel bad
 Behave yourselfAct politely, properly
 Big dealImportant thing
 BrokeHave no money
 By and largeGenerally
 Call it a dayFinish working
 Couch potatoSomeone sits in front of TV all the time
 Don’t be a strangerWe are friends, please stop by whenever you can
 Don’t sweat itDon’t worry about it, don’t make a big deal out of it
 Easier said than doneIt is always easier to say/claim something, but hard to do/execute
 Even StevenEqual, fair
 Fair enoughWhat you recommend is OK
 Feel blueFeel sad or depressed
 Fender benderVery small, trivial damage
 First come first servedPeople will be served in the order of arrival
 Get a foot in the doorStart something, enter the organization
 Get on one’s nervesYou are getting on my nerves: you are annoying me
 Get out of here!Are you serious??
 Getting goosebumpsGetting excited
 Give It to me straightPlease tell me straightforward
 Go for itYes, you should try it
 Go with the flowDoing things like everyone else, trying not to stand out
 going nutsGoing crazy/ insane
 Got ItGot it: I understood what you said
 Grab a biteEat, have a meal
 The grass is greener on the other sideThings we don’t own always look more attractive
 Hang in thereJust keep what you are doing, don’t give up
 Have the gutsHave courage
 He lost itHe lost his temper
 Hop In Get in the car, jump in the car
 I blew it!I wasted my chance
 I can eat a horseI am so hungry
 I don’t buy itI don’t believe it
 I had a second thought about itI changed my mind
 I owe you oneYou just helped me and I have to help you with something else in the future
 In a nutshellIn summary, briefly
 It totally slipped my mindI totally forgot about it
 It’s a DealYes, I agree to your offer
 It’s written all over your faceYou are lying, your facial expression gives you away
 Jump to conclusionsMaking conclusions/generalizations too quickly
 Keep an eye onMaking sure something is safe or OK. Can you keep an eye on my computer while I’m outside?
 Keep in touchKeeping in contact
 Keeping my fingers crossedI’m keeping my fingers crossed: I hope for the best outcome
 My two centsThat’s my opinion
 Nature callsI have to run to the bathroom
 No strings attachedThere is no trick or future negative consequences
 Now you’re talkingI agree with you. What you just said is better than the other things you said
 Oh! ShootOh no!
 Out of the blueUnexpectedly
 Out of this worldSo good, great
 Over my dead bodyYou have to kill me to do that, I will not let that happen
 Over my headBeyond my understanding, difficult for me to understand
 Pain in the a../neckTough to do, something that is difficult. Doing this homework is a pain in the neck
 Piece of cakeVery easy
 Pulling my legTricking me, playing a joke
 Put yourself in my place/shoesPresume that you are me, what if you were me
 Rain or shineRegardless of the weather
 Read between the linesUnderstand what others intend to say without words
 Sick and tired of somethingFeeling bad about  Something that has been happening all the time
 Silver LiningEvery difficult situation has an advantage
 Sooner or laterEventually …, one day …
 Take it easyDon’t try so hard, enjoy what you are doing
 Taking something for face valueAccepting something automatically, not thinking deeply about it
 Thank GoodnessLuckily
 Under the weatherNot feeling good
 What a small worldWhat a coincidence
 What gives?What is the matter? What is the reason …?
 You can say that againWhat you just said was great
 You made it!You succeeded, you arrived on time
 You snooze, you lose!Don’t hesitate to do it
 You’ve got to be kiddingYou must be joking
Before you know itBefore you realize what’s happening
Close callUsually said after something just misses the target
Crashed at/intoTo stay without formal notice
Dire StraightsDifficult financial situation
Down the roadIn the future
Drama QueenGirl/woman who wants to be the center of attention and causes troubles all the time
Drop the ballMaking a mistake
if you connect the dotsIf you look at the big picture
in a sense thatFrom a different perspective
It depends…Depends on a situation
Judgment callThe rules are not clear
Jury is outThe final decision still hasn’t been made
Let me put it this wayLet me try to explain in different words
Pay it forwardA favor received should be done to others
PerseOnly this/these
R.I.P.Abbreviation for “Rest In Peace”, e.g. R.I.P. Michael Jackson
Raising eyebrowsHard to believe /trust
Right around the cornerSoon
RSVPAbbreviation for “Please reply”
Self-explanatoryEasy to understand without an explanation
So be itLet it happen
So to speakIn other words
Stakes are highMany people/organizations have an interest in this matter
Step up the plateTake a responsibility
Technically speakingIn technical terms
the bogeymanghostly, monstrous creature
the bottom line isthe most simple thing that should be taken into account
the holy grailan important object or goal
The other day.Recently, a few days ago, sometime in the near past
think outside the boxTry to think about unconventional/unusual solutions
this is baloneyThis is nonsense, over exaggeration
when pigs flyIt’s never going to happen
Wishful thinkingSubjectively thinking what we want to happen
You know the drillYou know how it is done
You nailed itYou completed the task perfectly
You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours/tit for tatIf you do me a favor, I’ll also do you a favor


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