Do I need an active internet connection?

Yes, to access the Dino Lingo Online Learning Portal, an active internet connection is required.


Do I need a special software?

Nope, all you need is a computer or a mobile device with an internet connection. No need to download a software.


Can I download the content?

The Dino Lingo Online Learning Portal is designed to be an easy access on-the-go method of engaging in early language instruction.
The videos, books, songs and games are not downloadable. An active internet connection is required in order to video stream.
The flashcards, worksheets, activity and coloring books are easily downloadable and printable.


Can I watch videos on all mobile devices?

Yes, our online courses are compatible with all mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, android tablets and phones.
You can also access Dino Lingo online portal via desktop and laptop computers and all internet connected smart TVs.


Mobile apps?

Dino Lingo online portal is not a mobile app, however it is widely accessible via all mobile devices. We also offer mobile apps separately.
Our mobile apps only include our videos, (games, books or songs are not included) and sold for $39.95 on both Itunes and android platforms.
If interested in a mobile app instead, please search “Dino Lingo” on your app store.


What is the best browser for this portal?

Dino Lingo online portal’s been tested on all browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, etc.
The result was great. However, because we use google for our videos, games and books, they play super fast on google chrome.
If you have a good device and a fast internet, we would recommend google chrome.


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