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What is Dino Lingo?

Dino Lingo is a language learning program for kids between 2 and 12 years old. 

How many languages does Dino Lingo offer?

Dino Lingo is the most extensive language learning program for children in the world with 52 different languages and over 25,000 activities. See all languages here.

What is Dino Lingo mission statement?

The mission of the company is to give every child in the world a chance to learn another language, which will bring people together and eliminate cultural and language barriers around the world.

Is Dino Lingo child safe?

Yes, we do not have advertisements, pop up links, external links, chat rooms, or video camera recordings. 

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Dino Lingo received Dr. Toy and Mom’s best awards.

Why choose DinoLingo?

Here are just a few reasons what makes DinoLingo a good program:

Easy learning

DinoLingo captures and keeps kids attention through cartoon animations, music, storytelling, surprises and dinosaurs. 

Customer Support

We take pride in our customer service. No requests left behind and all questions are answered within hours.

8th year in business

Dino Lingo Inc. was established in 2010, with offices in Florida & New York, USA. We have a proven track record of providing a successful language learning program.

Proven Success

With 99% satisfaction rate, DinoLingo is likely the most successful online language learning program for kids. 

Four devices

Subscribers can access our portal via four different devices by using the the same email and password. Also multi-children families can add additional user accounts for tracking (optional).

7-Day Refund Policy

All plans come with a 7 day refund policy. If you change your mind, just request a refund within 7 days.

About Dino Lingo®

Dino Lingo is the world's largest language learning program in children's category offering 52 languages. Developed by Dino Lingo Inc.; a Florida & New York based educational technology company. 2010-2018 All Rights Reserved.