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Whats is the difference?

Between 6 month, 1 year, 2 years plans?

As far as content is concerned, nothing! When it comes to online learning every child learns at a different pace, which can also be related to their age, prior exposure to the language, or the time spent practicing at home or outside. 

Between family and school subscriptions?

The content is the same. The schools subscription will have a main "Teacher/Admin" account with trackable student-accounts under it.

Between different language courses?

The languages are based off of a core version that we have adapted all of languages off of. Most of the content will be the same aside from some local stories, songs, and of course the language itself.

Subscription vs ..

Online subscriptions or physical products?

As far as content is concerned, there is nothing different. Some of the items in the Deluxe and Premium sets are just presented in a different manner than on the online subscription; for example, the posters in the physical set are presented as interactive game on the online subscription, etc. The online subscription comes with all of the content and is our most complete package. 

Online subscriptions or apps?

  • Our video apps come with 6 videos (35 min. each).
  • Our story apps come with only books.

The online subscription service features all of our video lessons, games, books and all of the content we have available in the selected language.

In terms of content, the online subscriptions have it all. They include everything apps have and much more.

p.s. We are working on a new app which will have everything. We are hoping to release it before 2019. 

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