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Video / Game / Book --> Does not play OR no sound

We would recommend to first clear the cached content in your web browser. We periodically change much on the website and your browser may be retaining old content.

- If this does not solve your issue, we would recommend trying the website using Google Chrome as the web browser. If this does not help, please contact us and provide the link to the video, game or book you are having trouble with.

Spelling, grammar or pronunciation mistake

Please accept our deepest apologies. We work with a 6-8 team of translators, linguists, teachers for each language. Please contact us and provide the link to the video, game or book with the grammatical error and let us know where the issue is. If you could also send a screenshot it would be great. 

Dino Lingo strives to maintain an accurate database of languages and we rely on our amazing native translators, linguists and teachers to provide us with the best translations. We take this matter very seriously and will rectify any issues as soon as possible.

Broken links or do not directing properly

Please contact us, and provide the link to the video, game or book with broken link.

VIDEO APP, No Sound?

This is for our old video apps only. If you have a sound issue on your Video app, please try these suggestions. 

1 - Sound icon on the screen must be ON.
2 - The mute switch on the side of the phone must be off (iPhone).
3 - Make sure the volume is turned up.
4 - Please try restarting the phone after purchasing the app for it to reset. 

Please note; We are working on a NEW app for both Itunes and Android, we plan to release before Christmas, 12/15/18. This app will feature all videos, books, games on the website. 

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When I click, its asking me to subscribe again

First please make sure to login. Check your subscriptions page to see its still active.  If everything seems normal please provide the link to the page (or pages) you are having trouble with.

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