General Questions


General Questions

What is the age group?

Dino Lingo is recommended for children between 2 and 12 years old. However it is used by teenagers even adults.


How much is the subscription?

Dino Lingo offers 3 types of memberships;

6 months = $99 ($16.50 a month)

1 year = $159 ($13.25 a month)  *Save 20%

2 years = $279 ($11.63 a month)  *Save 30%

All plans include 7-day return refund policy.

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What do kids learn?

Dino Lingo provides different levels of teaching material, the main category “lessons and games” teaches the most common 200 words and phrases in the target language, ideal for beginners and includes vides, games, songs, stories, quizzes and is perfect for self learners, meaning no parent or teacher assistance needed while it is used. Meanwhile books and stories sections include advanced material, would require a parent or a teacher assistance for beginners.


What is the content?

Dino Lingo program includes but not limited to: Lessons, Games, Books, Songs, Art, Worksheets, Flashcards, Stories, Progress Reports …and more! We offer programs in 50 different languages, each language course is different, some languages include different content or more than others. For a detailed curriculum information, we would suggest you to visit your language page.

Dino Lingo online portal is also a child safe place, we use encrypted advanced SSL.

NO pop-ups

NO advertisements

NO chat rooms

NO video recordings

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