With Dino Lingo programs, children learn a language through imagination with our fun cartoons, DVDs, CDs, books, posters, games, songs and flashcards.

Language learning sets for kids.

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The language learning program that was established in 2016


dino lingo at libraries

Dino Lingo language learning programs are used in libraries and academic environments worldwide; these programs are perfect for group learning, peer tutoring, or individual study. Students, teachers, and library patrons alike, enjoy studying with Dino Lingo language learning programs.

Are you a librarian in the U.S.? You can order our DVDs and CDs directly from Midwest Tape 800-875-2785.

You can access thousands of Dino Lingo's digital language learning videos and e-Books thru Hoopla.
Our digital titles are also available thru Overdrive, Mackin, Infobase, Barnes and Noble, Amazon.

Dino Lingo
Language learning programs for kids

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For all library related questions, please call: 239-208-4222

Dino Lingo language learning programs are used by hundreds of libraries and youth learning centers worldwide.

Below is a short list of libraries that offer Dino Lingo language learning programs.

Library Purchasing

Click here to shop for physical products directly.

You can also order DVDs and CDs from our library distributor Midwest Tape 800-875-2785.

You can access thousands of Dino Lingo's digital language learning videos and e-Books thru Hoopla. Our digital titles are also available thru Overdrive, Mackin, Infobase, Barnes and Noble, Amazon.

If you're interested in subscribing to Dino Lingo's online language learning portal for kids, click here.

Library Patrons

Contact your local library to check that they offer Dino Lingo!

Hundreds of libraries carry Dino Lingo products in the U.S. If your local library does not offer Dino Lingo Language Learning Programs, please feel free to ask them to consider. We will be happy to facilitate their request.

If your library does not currently offer Dino Lingo Language Learning Programs for kids, don't worry! You can purchase Dino Lingo Program, for at-home use. Click here to view the available languages offered Dino Lingo Learning Programs for kids.

Do you have a special discount for bulk orders?

Yes! please email us your order details, including the name and the quantity of the product. Depending on the volume, you may be eligible to receive some discount.


Do you offer a FREE DEMO for libraries?

Yes, absolutely. Please request your online subscription free demo at info@dinolingo.com

Computers or mobile devices?

Our library online subscriptions allow all patrons and librarians to login anywhere with an active internet connection using any device.

Multiple Branch, Building Discount?

We offer discounts for multiple locations. Please contact us for multiple branch library discounts.

Are there how many languages available?

We offer online subscription for 45 different languages, however your library can subscribe to just one, or ten, or all 45 languages.


International Payments:

There are two types of payment methods we accept from international schools;

1) Credit or a debit card thru our shopping cart. Just add your items into the shopping cart and complete the checkout.

2) International Bank wire or EFT.
Please request our bank account information.
We ship all international products after we receive the payment. When you wire money to our bank account, please email info@dinolingo.com the day send the money. It normally takes 3 to 5 business days for international transactions to appear on our bank account.

International Shipping:

The shipping fee is calculated manually depending on the distance and the weight of the package. Most international packages are shipped via UPS, DHL or USPS. For detailed info, please mail us your shipping address in order for the exact shipping fee quote and taxes. Also, there may (or may not) be customs charges during delivery, We are not responsible for taxes or customs if any. Also please check out our international page for more info.