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Language learning sets for kids.

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The language learning program that was established in 2016

Schools / Teachers

Dino Lingo language learning programs are used in schools, pre-schools and academic environments worldwide; these programs are perfect for group learning, peer tutoring, or individual study. Students and Teachers, alike, enjoy studying with Dino Lingo language learning programs.

Click here for 2018 Dino Lingo Price List for schools.

Public Schools,
Private Schools, and
School Districts (School Boards)

Elementary schools : K-12
Kindergartens : Age 5
VPK : Age 4
Child care centers : Age 2 to 4

Net-30 payment

We accept Net 30 payments from Schools and Libraries (USA)

Free Shipping

To all schools in the U.S.

Dino lingo language learning programs are used by hundreds of schools and childcare centers worldwide.

Here are some of Dino Lingo's institutional customers.

Children enjoy learning languages with Dino Lingo

Photo Credit : Ashiyaen Infant & Nursery School

Photo Credit : Mike Kiniry, Alliance for the Arts

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Dino Lingo is a registered vendor for various School Districts and Departments of Education.

Here are a few examples:

  • New York City Department Of Education, New York
  • The Department Of Education, Pennsylvania
  • The Department Of Education, New Haven, Connecticut
  • The Department Of Education, Bermuda

Is there a specific method for teaching with DVDs?

Dino Lingo language learning programs are easily navigated, by design. Each DVD is organized into thematic units, which makes customized lesson planning simple and fun! Use these interactive and engaging DVDs as a method of immersive entertainment, or as a thematic teaching tool, the learning experience is completely customizable, and up to you! 

DVDs or Online Lessons, which one is better?

It totally depends on the teacher. Some teachers prefer the hands-on material, posters, flashcards and DVDs, others prefer the online lessons instead.  

We are a public school. Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes we do accept POs from the schools in the United States. 

Dino Lingo Inc.
4720 SE 15th Ave #121
Cape Coral, FL 33904 USA

Also Dino Lingo Inc. is an approved and registered product vendor for many school districts. First, please check with your school district, Dino Lingo Inc. may already be registered / listed as an approved vendor, if we are not listed yet, please feel free to send us your districts forms and information.
Please download our w9 form here.

Do you have a price list?

Yes, Click here for 2018 Dino Lingo Price List for schools. 

Customized Teacher Sets?

Yes, we can customize your order according to your classroom's needs. Like 1 DVD set and 20 vocabulary books, or 2 DVD sets, 1 CD, with 50 coloring books, etc. Please let us know what exactly you need, and we will customize it for you. For customized sets please allow between 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.


How much does it cost to subscribe for a school?

$299 per language. Spanish, French, Chinese or Arabic, choose any of our 50 languages. You can add as many languages as you wish into your account.
OR B) $1,999 for all 50 languages ($40 per language)
Full license includes hundreds of videos, games, songs, worksheets, printable material and thousands of digital books.
All students and teachers will have unlimited access to all of the content on the portal.

Click here for Online School Subscriptions

Can students and teachers have separate accounts?

Yes, all school accounts include a feature called “Sub Accounts”. When you subscribe as an admin, you can create as many separate sub accounts as you wish. Click for more info.

Computers or mobile devices?

Our school subscriptions allow all students and teachers to login anywhere with an active internet connection using any device.

Multiple School Discount?

We offer discounts for multiple schools or locations. Please contact us for multiple school discounts.

Are there how many languages available?

We offer online subscription for 50 different languages, however your school can subscribe to just one, or ten, or all 50 languages. Please see our price list here.


International Payments: 

There are two types of payment methods we accept from international schools;

1) Credit or a debit card thru our shopping cart. Just add your items into the shopping cart and complete the checkout.

2) International Bank wire or EFT.
Please request our bank account information.
We ship all international products after we receive the payment. When you wire money to our bank account, please email the day send the money. It normally takes 3 to 5 business days for international transactions to appear on our bank account.

International Shipping:

The shipping fee is calculated manually depending on the distance and the weight of the package. Most international packages are shipped via UPS, DHL or USPS. For detailed info, please mail us your shipping address in order for the exact shipping fee quote and taxes. Also, there may (or may not) be customs charges during delivery, We are not responsible for taxes or customs if any. Also please check out our international page for more info.