Irish Common Words and Phrases

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If you find yourself traveling to Ireland, it will be no problem if you only speak English. However, there are still some areas called “Gaeltacht” where Irish is still spoken. Even if it is not necessary, a good way to impress a few Irish folks would be to learn some basic phrases and words. What follows are a few useful words and phrases, what they mean, and how to pronounce them!


A haon

(ah hay-un)


A dó

(ah doh)


A trí

(ah tree)


A ceathair

(ah cah-hir)


A cúig

(ah coo-ig)


Dia dhuit

(Djee-ah gwitch)




Thank you

Go raibh maith agat

(Guh row mah aguth)

What time is it?

Cén t-am é?

(Kayn thom ay)

Goodnight, see you tomorrow

Oiche mhaith, feicfidh mé ar ball tú

(Ee-heh wah,feck-hee may her boll hoo)

It might be a good idea to know a few place names and words on signs, as some of the county’s sign are still written in Irish. Keep an eye out for:

Dublin – Baile Átha Cliath

Belfast – Béal Feirste

Derry – Doire Cholm Cille

Galway – Cathair na Gaillimhe

Tralee – Trá Lí

Irish can be a very challenging language to understand, but at least with a few basic words and phrases, you’ll have someplace to start.