Top 30 Boys and Girls Names in Korea

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Most Korean names consist of two syllables. There are also common last names like “Kim” that many Koreans have.

Here are the top 30 first names in Korea.

ji su지수jin soo진수
ji hee지희min jun민준
jae eun재은se jun세준
mi na미나sung min성민
yu na유나ji hun지훈
a ra아라ji sung지성
ji yeon지연young jin영진
ye seul예슬dong woo동우
soo jung수정heon woo현우
mi jin미진jung wook정욱
eun ha은하la on라온
mi sun미선jin woo진우
ha na하나gun ho건호
soo mi수미tae min태민
yeon a연아jun ho준호


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