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The language learning program that was established in 2016

#1 effective Punjabi learning program for children

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Easy learning

Easy learning

After watching the DVDs or online videos several times, most children can easily name everyday objects and understand basic phrases in Punjabi.

For all children

For all children

Our program uses the scientifically proven “total immersion” method that is suitable for all children including toddlers and pre-schoolers.

punjabi for kids learning set

Punjabi for kids Deluxe set

$279.95 >> $159.95 FREE shipping in USA | International shipping $29.95~

  • 6 DVDs
  • 150 Flashcards
  • 12 posters
  • Vocabulary book
  • Activity book
  • Parents guide
  • Coloring book & Crayons
  • Animal picture dictionary
  • Progress Chart, Report, & Stickers
  • Dinosaur plush toy
  • 2 Finger puppets
All Deluxe sets come with a Free Backpack
  • Punjabi for kids DVD and Flashcard set

    Punjabi for kids
    Standard set

    6 DVDs & 150 Flashcards

    $118.95 >> $99.95

    FREE shipping in USA
    International shipping $29.95~

  • Punjabi for kids DVD set

    Punjabi for kids
    DVD set

    6 DVDs Only

    $108.95 >> $89.95

    FREE shipping in USA
    International shipping $29.95~

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Our Punjabi learning sets include;

  • Punjabi learning DVDs for kids


    Dino Lingo Punjabi for Kids learning program teaches the most common 200 Punjabi words and phrases in 6 DVDs...

    Punjabi learning DVDs for kids
  • Punjabi learning flashcards for kids


    Dino Lingo Punjabi learning flashcards teach the most common 150 words in Punjabi...

    Punjabi learning flashcards for kids
  • Punjabi learning Poster set for kids


    Dino Lingo Punjabi Posters teach the most common 150 words on 10 posters. All the words are written in Punjabi...

    Punjabi learning Poster set for kids
  • Punjabi vocabulary book for kids


    This book is considered as a guidebook for the DVDs. It is designed in a way that parent can follow each lesson through...

    Punjabi vocabulary book for kids
  • World Map


    The world map poster was created to help parents teach the countries and flags of the world in a fun and colorful way...

    World Map
  • Animal Picture Dictionary


    This Picture Dictionary presents kid’s favorite animals in a playful new perspective. A quick glance at the index is all...

    Animal Picture
  • Progress Chart, Report


    The Dino Lingo Progress Chart helps to monitor your child's progress each week. This chart includes 200 small stickers and...

    Progress Chart, Report, & Stickers
  • Activity Book for Punjabi learning


    The word games and activities contained within are an excellent way to occupy your young scholar with interesting and...

    Activity Book
  • Coloring Book for Punjabi learning


    This coloring book was created with the vocabulary book and poster set in mind. While coloring the illustrations...

    Coloring Book
  • Crayons


  • 2 Finger Puppets for Punjabi learning


    2 Finger Puppets
  • Dinosaur Toy


    Dinosaur Toy
  • Parents Guide for Punjabi learning


    Parents Guide

It’s engaging and entertaining

Wow, this is amazing! Such creativity and very gifted people to put this together. It’s engaging and entertaining. I would recommend for all ages as I am in my late 30’s and bought it for myself as I was looking for something visual other than memorizing sentences and phrases.
I like how they have animation, and real pictures together. It helps me to learn and because its so engaging and entertaining, it helps me to remember even more! I have watched the first 2 videos already a few times and it only gets better!
I would highly recommend this for all ages, and for families to watch it all together. Even though its created for children, its an excellent product for everyone no matter what age you are.
Thanks for all your effort and creating a wonderful product! I look forward to continue learning!

- Lizzy L -

The fact that it is full immersion is fantastic

The program has a variety of elements to it and follows a regular sequence. The fact that it is full immersion is fantastic since is gives children the chance to learn the language direct context! It doesn’t overwhelm with full sentences all of a sudden. It does introduce these throughout the program which gives children a chance to get used to using the vocabulary in context.
The DVDs on their own are not enough. For the greatest impact, parents will need to help their children use their newly learned vocabulary in as many contexts as possible (grocery store, going for a walk, driving in the car, etc.) and with as many of the included supplemental materials as possible. The picture dictionary and posters will come in handy for this – use them before and after each lesson!

- Corey -

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