How it works – Users Manual


  • What is Dino Lingo?
  • What do children learn?
  • What is the age group?
  • How does it work?

Plans and Pricing

  • Family memberships
  • Teacher and School memberships
  • Library memberships

Getting started


  • Do I need an internet connection?
  • Can I watch videos on mobile devices?
  • Do I need a special software?
  • Can I download the videos?
  • Mobile apps?
  • What’s the best browser?
  • What are the video lessons?
  • What are the games?
  • What are the online books?
  • What are the flashcards?
  • What are the worksheets
  • What are the songs?
  • What are the animated stories?
  • What are the other printable material?
  • Is there a difference between language courses?
  • When is the new content added?
  • What is the full language license?

Schools and Teachers

  • How much is the school subscription?
  • Do you have a free demo or a trial?
  • How do students and teachers log in?
  • Do you have a curriculum?
  • Do you accept Purchase Orders?
  • Are you a preferred vendor?
  • Download W9 tax forms.
  • Is your website child friendly?


  • How much is the library subscription?
  • Do you offer a free demo or a trial?
  • How do patrons and librarians log in?
  • Do you work with OCLC?
  • Are there any other library vendors selling your product?

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