Getting Started

How do I sign up?

There are couple of different ways to sign up thru our website, here’s the easiest.

Step 1 – Go to the SignUp, Subscribe page, and select the language course.

Step 2 – Enter your information and click on “sign up”. If you have a coupon code please enter it here.
You can use either credit-debit card or a paypal email address.

Step 3 – On the next page please enter your credit card information and submit. Thats it.


I just signed up, where do I go next?

As soon as you sign up, the system logs you in automatically. You don’t have to re-login.
Click on My account > Profile on top menu. If you see your info, you are in.
Just select the language course here and enjoy the journey.


I just signed up, but didn’t receive a “welcome” email?

Sometimes welcome emails end up in spam or junk folders.
If you haven’t received a welcome email after signing up,
first we would recommend you to check your spam folders.
If you still don’t see it, no worries, you can start using the portal immediately.
My Account > Subscriptions > and Click on “Language course”.
Meanwhile please send us an email, so we can re-send your welcome email.


How do I log in each time?

The system doesn’t log you out unless you log out manually.
This is designed for small children so they don’t have to log-in each time.
If you are logged out, please go to the top menu >
My Account > Log in.


How do my child can navigate around the website?

This website is designed very simple for children in all ages.
We would recommend you to either bookmark the language page or create a shortcut on your desktop.
After that, your child won’t have any problems navigating between videos or games.



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