Do you work with library distributors?

Our Videos and Ebooks are available on Hoopla Digital in all languages.

Overdrive and Mackin also distribute our digital books and videos.

Also; Ibooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Axis 360 and Kobo.

Physical products: Please order from our library distributor Midwest Tape.


Do you offer a Free Demo?

Yes we do offer a 7-day free demo to libraries.

Please email your school information to

Name of the library:

Desired admin username:

Desired admin email address:

Desired language course:

How many patrons will be using the program?


How do patrons register?

There is no need to register.
We will create a manual entry page for your library patrons to use our portal.


What is the Full license?

Unlimited access to all videos, games, songs, worksheets, printable material and digital books in 50 different languages.

$1,999 a year for all 50 languages. Sign up here.


What type of Payments do you accept?

We accept credit/debit cards, paypal, bank wire transfer, money orders and checks* (U.S.).

You can only sign up by using credit, debit cards and paypal thru our website.

If you wish to use bank wire transfer or money orders please contact us first.


Do you offer Discounts:

Please email us. We offer special discounts for multiple library memberships.


Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, only in the United States.

Please email your official purchase order form with the desired language course.

An invoice will be created and e-mailed to you shortly after its received.

Libraries in the U.S. are also eligible for Net 30.


Choose a language course to sign up!

Pricing: $299 a year, per language.


Full license: $1,999 a year for all 50 languages. Sign up here.