School & Library Licenses

PRICING: Single language license:

School: $299 a year. Unlimited students & teachers. Click here to subscribe.

Library branch: $299 a year. Unlimited patrons. Click here to subscribe.

Private teacher/tutor/instructor: $199 a year. Up to 30 students. Click here to subscribe.

PRICING: Single branch 

2-language license: $479 a year. Choose any two languages.

3-language license: $599 a year. Choose any three languages.

Any additional language license will be $99 a year. You can add as many languages as you like into your subscription package.

10-language license: $1,199 a year. Choose any ten languages.

Full license (45-language): $1,995 a year, includes;

  • 290 video lessons
  • 180 interactive games
  • 200 songs
  • 800 downloadable worksheets
  • Hundreds of printable material, activities, etc…

PRICING: Multiple branches

Click here for the multiple (up to nine) branches price list.

All school and library subscriptions come with 30-day Refund.

We accept purchase orders and Net 30 check payments from the schools in the US.

Frequently Asked Questions:  Technical:

Number of students: There is no limit on the number of students or teachers.

Number of computers, desks: No limit. You can access our online courses at your classrooms and computer labs or via tablets and mobile devices.

Mobile devices: Language courses are accessible via tablets and mobile devices.

Session time-out: There is no time out, once the subscription is purchased it will stay active on the computer / device, unless its logged-out manually.

User name and password: There is one user name/password assigned per school account. All computers and devices must log-in by using the same user account.

Frequently Asked Questions:  Financial:

Purchase orders: Yes, we accept purchase orders in the U.S.

Net 30 payments: Yes, we do accept checks and net30 payments in the U.S.

Return Policy: 30 days full refund policy for schools and libraries.

Need our W9 form? Please email us at

Approved Vendor: Please send us your district’s vendor form or website link

We accept purchase orders and Net 30 check payments from the schools in the US. Contact us for our W9 form or any other vendor forms required.

Give it a try!

Start with a single language license here, and use it for a week,

a) Don’t like it? Just cancel it (email us) within 7 days, we will issue a full refund, no questions asked.

b) Like it and want to keep it? Great. Welcome to Dino Lingo!

c) Like it and want to add more languages or more schools, branches? Absolutely, just email us with your details. We will upgrade your membership and customize it per your instructions.

Dino Lingo language learning programs are used by hundreds of schools and libraries worldwide.

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