Selling & Distributing DinoLingo products:

  • ONLINE SUBSCRIPTIONS: Dino Lingo offers paid online subscriptions; 1 month, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years. If you are interested in being a distributor, by selling, marketing, displaying DinoLingo subscriptions on your website, blog or platform, please contact us here.
  • DIGITAL TITLES: For libraries and similar platforms, we also carry over 10,000 digital titles in pdf's, mp3's, mp4's etc. These titles are simply videos, books, songs, etc... If you are interested in distributing DinoLingo digital products, please fill the Partnership form here.
  • PHYSICAL PRODUCTS: Please note, even though we no longer offer physical products on our website, we still continue producing these products to our vendors worldwide, such as Amazon, Midwest Tapes, etc... Interested in selling physical products, DVD sets, CDs, books, flashcard sets, poster sets? See physical product list here: list, also please fill the Partnership form here.


Advertising on our website:

Dino Lingo is a child safe website and we do not accept outside advertisements on our website, app or blog.  This is safe guard the quality of our platform and maintain full control of an age appropriate, enriching experience for children. Dino Lingo guarantees a premium experience to their early language learners and peace of mind to caregivers.


Jobs, gigs, careers:

Dino Lingo works with hundreds of contributors, translators, linguists, teachers, VO talents, writers, editors, videographers, sound engineers, graphic designers, developers, gamers, etc... If you are interested in working with us please email us your resume to [email protected]



Please email us [email protected] to request a donation! Please make sure to add your name, desired language course and the donation information. If this is for a silent auction or a charity event, please add the organization, institution name, address, website, the name and the date of the event.


Partnering or Investing:

Dino Lingo Inc. is a private U.S. corporation with one owner, no shareholders, partners or investors. The company is profitable and has a positive cashflow. If you are interested in partnering or investing, please feel free to email us here.

For all other inquiries please email us here.

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