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How to add, remove, manage students?

This option is included with Yearly and School Subscriptions.
This option is not available on monthly subscriptions.

Go to your Account –> Subscriptions –> Sub Accounts.




Method 1- Send a mass email to all students with a sign-up link. Users signing up with this link will automatically be added under your account.


Required Info:

Name, Last Name, Email Address and Password.


*Students without an email will need to make a "fake" email for the system to accept user registration. (i.e.



Method 2- Import a CSV file. Fill out a CSV file to bulk-add students to the account.

Required Info:
Email Address, Username, First Name, Last Name and Password.

*You will need to make a "fake" email for student's without an email for the system to accept the new user. (i.e.
*We would recommend using only lower-case letters for the password.
*You can also reset a password this way by re-submitting the CSV file.


After adding in your student's you can monitor their progress in the link below:


We have a school account but I do not see the "teacher dashboard".

Teacher dashboard appears on top as soon as you start adding students.


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