Dino Lingo is the perfect program to include in your homeschooling curriculum.

Our full immersion system creates a uniquely enlightening language learning environment that is as effective as it is entertaining. Invite your homeschool child on a jurassic adventure to discover 200 commonly used words and phrases in a new language! Dino Lingo linguistic training programs are designed for children 2 through 12 years of age. If your child is significantly older, or has already been involved in 50+ hours of instruction in the target language, Dino Lingo may be too simple to engage your young scholar fully.

Your child will be introduced to 200 words and simple phrases in the foreign language of your choice, simply by tuning in and following along with the adventures of our playful dinosaur animations. In order to support the core lessons, we produce a wide variety of phenomenal supplemental products including posters, flashcards, activities, songs, storybooks, vocabulary books, and more! Nobody knows your child better than you do. This is why Dino Lingo is designed to be an open-ended and fully customizable educational tool that makes it as easy as child’s play to teach your littlest linguist using the method that works best for them.

Dino Lingo programs include the following lesson categories: Greetings, Numbers, Colors, Food, Fruits and Vegetables, Household Items, Family, Animals, Clothes, and Vehicles.

We recently changed our structure and have added a lot of new material and we are working on a new curriculum.

Dino Lingo Curriculum Synopsis

Dino Lingo is geared toward early learners and children learning a second language for the first time in their lives. Early learning children have a limited understanding of grammatical structures and Dino Lingo helps them improve their receptive vocabulary which empowers students to use the target language naturally and formulaically with little assistance.
Children are gradually expected to gain rudimentary language skills that include phonemic awareness, basic vocabulary, cross-cultural knowledge, and the ability to use every day phrases in their target language. Children using Dino Lingo’s program are expected to make progress in these five areas:

Speaking skills: Dino Lingo videos and vocabulary songs are designed to encourage children to repeat what they hear.  Additionally, the Activity Book and Flashcards provide numerous learning opportunities which encourage the child’s interaction with caregivers and prompt them to speak the words and phrases they hear through the lessons.

Listening skills: By listening to and repeating words spoken by native speakers, students organically develop their latent ability to understand the subtleties of basic words and phrases.

Reading & Writing skills: The Alphabet Practice Book introduces young learners to the written form of the target language. This introduction serves as an effective aid to the recognition of words and images viewed on screen and in the many supplementary print materials provided.

Vocabulary development: The major focus of this program is the vocabulary development.