Help – Frequently Asked Questions


What is the age group?

Dino Lingo is recommended for children between 2 and 12 years old. However it is used by teenagers even adults.

How much is it?

Dino Lingo offers 3 types of memberships;

6 months = $99 ($16.50 a month)

1 year = $159 ($13.25 a month)  *Save 20%

2 years = $279 ($11.63 a month)  *Save 30%

All plans include 7-day return refund policy.

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What do kids learn?

Dino Lingo provides different levels of teaching material, the main category “lessons and games” teaches the most common 200 words and phrases in the target language, ideal for beginners and includes vides, games, songs, stories, quizzes and is perfect for self learners, meaning no parent or teacher assistance needed while it is used. Meanwhile books and stories sections include advanced material, would require a parent or a teacher assistance for beginners.

What is the content?

Dino Lingo program includes but not limited to: Lessons, Games, Books, Songs, Art, Worksheets, Flashcards, Stories, Progress Reports …and more! We offer programs in 50 different languages, each language course is different, some languages include different content or more than others. For a detailed curriculum information, we would suggest you to visit your language page.

Dino Lingo online portal is also a child safe place, we use encrypted advanced SSL.

  • NO pop-ups
  • NO advertisements
  • NO chat rooms
  • NO video recordings

Getting Started

How do I subscribe?

Go to Subscribe page, select the language course you wish. On the next page, select your plan.

 Enter your information and click on “sign up”. If you have a coupon code please enter it here.

 On the last page please enter your credit card information and submit. Thats it. Welcome!

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How do I login each time?

The system doesn’t log you out unless you log out manually. This is designed for small children so they don’t have to log-in each time. If you are logged out, please login here.

Just Signed Up, what is next?

As soon as you sign up, the system logs you in automatically. You don’t need to login again. Just go to your language course and enjoy the journey. It is recommended to create a shortcut on your desktop, tablet or phone or bookmark your language page for faster access.

Just signed up, but I don't see "welcome" email.

Sometimes welcome emails end up in spam or junk folders. If you didn’t receive a welcome email within 5 minutes after signing up, first we would recommend you to check your spam folders. If you still don’t see it, no worries, you can start using the portal immediately, by selecting your language here. Meanwhile please email us, so we can re-send your welcome email.


Do I need a special software?

There is no special software needed to use Dino Lingo portal. You will need an internet to use the Dino Lingo portal and access videos, books, games, etc. Our portal is not available offline.

Which browser is better?

Dino Lingo website is tested on all internet browsers. Safari, chrome, internet explorer, firefox, etc… Because we use google hosting, the Google chrome works the best and it is by far the fastest.

Can I download videos?

We use a streaming service for our videos, games, stories, books and they are not downloadable. You can download and print our worksheets, flashcards and other printable material.

Mobile devices

Our content is compatible on all mobile devices. Any tablet, smart phone and smart TV with internet browser will play our videos.

Navigation for kids

The portal is designed very simple for children in all ages to use it. All you need to do is click on Dino Lingo. In the beginning, we would recommend either bookmarking your language page or create a shortcut on your desktop / mobile phone for faster navigation.

  • All menu items (games, books, videos, etc) strategically placed on top of the page and are available at all times.
  • After each lesson or game is completed the page automatically directs itself to the main page.
Do all books have audio?

Please note only 28 languages have audio books:

Arabic, Armenian, Cantonese, Chinese, Creole, Croatian, Dutch, English, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Portuguese BR, Portuguese EU, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, Tagalog (Filipino), Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese.

All other languages include “translation to English” option and the audio is available in English only.

Account & Billing

Forgot password?

Please use the top dropdown menu to or click here My Account > Profile.

Resetting password: 

  • My Account > Login. –> “Forgot password”. –> Enter your email address. –> Click on “Request Password” button. You should receive an email with a “reset password” link shortly.

Changing password:

My account > Profile. You can change your password on this page.

Changing email address?

Yes, use the top dropdown menu. My Account >Profile.
On your “Member Area” you can update your name, last name and the email address.
Enter your new email address and click on “submit”. Its changed.
Next time make sure to log in with the new email address because old one won’t be recognized anymore.

Changing or adding a course?

Changing your language course:

Unfortunately it is technically impossible to switch your language course. If thats the case please contact us, we maybe able to provide you different solutions.

Adding a new language course:

You can add as many language courses as you wish. Go to the “subscribe” page, select the language course and just re-enter your payment information. You get to keep the same login name and password for all courses.

Changing between plans?

Upgrade from “6 months” to 1 year or more:

You can upgrade your subscription on your first week (s).

From 6 months to 1 year difference is $60, here

From 1 year to 2 years difference is $120, here

Please email us after purchasing the upgrade, so we can extend your account manually.


Upgrading from a single language course to full license:

If you want to switch from a single language course to a “full license” please email us before the switch, so we can deactivate your single language course and manually credit your account for the overlapping period.

What is auto renew?

We currently offer 6 months, 1 year and 2 year plans. For your convenience 6 months and 1 year subscription plans automatically renew, which can be canceled online anytime. 2 year plan is one time payment only, which requires manual renewal.

How to cancel?

Canceling your subscription is super easy, takes 3 seconds.

When you cancel your account, it will still stay active until the expiration day but it won’t renew again.
If you cancel within seven days and wish to request a refund, please click here.

Return, refund policy

Dino Lingo offers 7 day return policy for all memberships.

Request a refund here

Please allow up to 5 days for your refund to be processed.

Physical products

DVD sets, flashcards, books

Yes, we sell and ship physical products, DVDs, books, flashcard sets, etc in the United States and Canada. Please go to and select your language to order a package.

Shipping policy

We offer free shipping in the US and Canada only. Please go to to order your package.

We do not ship products to individuals outside of the United States and Canada. You can order our products from amazon or other partners.

Distributors; please contact us to carry Dino Lingo products in your country.

What is the difference between online subscription and physical products?

The content is generally the same, however online subscription includes much more content, such as games, digital books, etc. Also both platforms are hosted separately. Please purchase separately.

Return, refund policy

Dino Lingo physical products come with 30-days return policy.

Return Address:

Dino Lingo Inc.

4720 SE 15th Ave. Unit 121 Cape Coral, FL 33904

For return policy and other info, please go to


Video apps

Currently we have 45 language specific learning video apps. Some of these apps are available on Apple and Android devices. Each app includes 6 videos, same content on DVDs and online, about 35 minutes each. The price is $39.95. If you wish to buy those please search as Dino Lingo “…. for kids” –> “Spanish for kids” or “French for kids”.

Dino Lingo app

Dino Lingo app is not ready at this time. We are planning to release by November 30th 2018.

Video app, no sound?

Please follow these instructions, if there is no audio on your app.

1 – Sound icon on the screen must be ON.

2 – The mute switch on the side of the phone must be off (iPhone).

3 – Make sure the volume is turned up.

4 – Please try restarting the phone after purchasing the app for it to reset.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, we suggest you to try to delete and reinstall the app thru app store.

Return, refund policy

All Itunes, IOS apps are refunded thru apple. Please click here to request a refund or stop your subscription.
We may be able to refund your app if there is a problem. 
Please provide us with the following details;
1- Date Purchased
2- The last 4 digits of the billing zip code
3- The Name of the App Purchased (language specific)
Thank you


Dino Lingo for schools

Please check our school page for more information.

For a free demo and price quote please email us.

  • Name of the school?
  • Students and teachers combined, how many users ?
  • How many admin accounts?

Dino Lingo is a child safe website, we do not accept any advertisement on our website, app or blog. Please do not inquire.


Yes, If you are interested in distributing Dino Lingo products, please click here to get more information about partnerships.


We work with many subcontractors, teachers, translators, linguists, vo talents, videographers, graphic designers, sound engineers, etc.  Click here to get more information about jobs.

Who we are

Click here to get more information about Dino Lingo.


Please check about page for press kits and press releases.


Yes, we donate to worthy organizations and silent auctions etc… Click here to get more information about partnerships.

More questions?

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